– Something big on the way?

Got an email from the oldest Asia’s Young Entrepreneur Award nominee 2 days ago regarding

At the same time, we like to share with you that BLOG2u.SG will be taking over another Blog ad network service provider to aid us in extending this service regionally.

Do bear with us as we are in the midst of ‘housekeeping’ both services (thus the quietness over the weeks) and working with more partners to give a more comprehensive coverage that brings values to the advertisers and bloggers.

Then next moment, he is up at KL with 3 meetings back to back.

Is something big going to happen in the blog advertising industry? What is he up to this time? World domination? Haha. I guess we will find out soon.

Oh ya…. The voting for Businessweek Asia’s Young Entrepreneurs Award is still on. Vote now!!


  1. My guess is buying or investing in Advertlets since no point to do that on nuffnang when ming don’t even drop a mail to thank for the suggestions or whatever paddy wrote. Big mistake.

  2. I realised he’s having a couple of meetings in KL too. And not forgetting the recent Bangkok trip?

    Just have to wait and see how BLOG2u is progressing.

  3. DK, you are my stalker! hhahaha!

    Will be coming back to singapore tomorrow 🙂

    See you guys this coming 2dec gathering.

  4. Ed: You can question him on 2 Dec. 😀

    Paddy: Not I stalking you. But you post everywhere and twitter about it. Even blind person also notice.

  5. Paddy: Not interested in the BKK photos lah. More interested in the KL photos and see who you having meetings with. (Although I think it’s pretty obvious now)

  6. I dont go around taking photos of those people I have meeting.

    “Hey Nathan, pose leh. Why president, how lian huh? My friend DK wanna see who I meet! Pose hor!”

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