One Night Stand

Been wanting to write about what happen last Saturday evening, but was kinda busy.


I was at MOS with a group of friends last Saturday evening. We reach there quite early and got a table. I notice this gal at the table opposite us the moment we sat down. She was wearing a low cut and looks stunning. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

blah blah blah blah blah….


OK, now that I’ve gotten your attention, Please visit Free Rice and do your part for charity. Thank you.

To Pingsters: Sorry for tricking you to my site. I posted an entry with normal title yesterday and there is only 6 pongs. Come on, this site deserve more attention. Please visit this site and do your part for charity.

Sorry if you feel cheated. I have no choice but to do this. Entries with normal titles just aren’t getting enough pongs in I don’t normally post misleading entries. But for the sake of charity, I have no choice but to scoop to this level. Please forgive me. And please don’t ban my site. Thx. 😀

Disclaimer: I did not go MOS last Saturday. Everything on top was fake. It never happen and will not happen. There is no gal wearing low cut. I didn’t keep looking at gals when out chiong-ing. And I’ll never agree to one night stand. I need to write that story to mislead pingsters to click this post.

Got to make this clear just in case someone pulls my ears tonight. Oh, I purposely said last Saturday evening because I was with her that evening. So I guess I’m pretty safe. Right? 😀


  1. ‘Everything on top was fake’? How you know? You go touch huh?

    Ok ok lah, I went to that link you gave liao 🙂

  2. LOL Good one!
    When I see that title from DK, I was shocked. For a moment I thought you are really going to say you had a one night stand.
    Okay, get your point. Will go to the link. 😉

  3. You as a reputed pingster started a dangerous precedent. Next time I do something similiar I know where to point my fingers. Blog post bookmarked… muahaha…

  4. posts like these epitomise what i dislike about everyone tries to fool readers to click on their sites by posting misleading titles. what’s your point?

    committing a crime for a good cause is still committing a crime. i don’t see how posting a well-written post with a well-written post title will not entice people to read about it.

  5. Anon: Uzyn is going to kill me for this.

    Huckerby: I don’t think there are alot of people tricking readers with misleading titles. More of sex related titles.

  6. Hahaha….I knew you would not have a one night stand.

    I pong to see what stories u will be writing.

    Your ping many chio2 always faithfully pong one, where got problem?

  7. Wah~Hope u no need to kneel on glass for this post…hehe..

    I hope not much pple are blaming you for the mis-title as its for a good cause. I do hope pple will forgive you.

    In Chile, a prostitue name Maria Caronlina audtion herself for 27hrs of s*x service to raise US$4000 (S$5782) for disable children. Although not encourage, but also for a gd cause.

    P.S. Prostitution in Chile for adult is legal.

    P.S.P.S. The “service” started yesterday.

  8. Mark: Well, it’s a problem what we all know. Lets hope it can be resolved.

    Christopher: Where got chio chio support me? My last entry on free rice only got 6 pongs. That why I did this.

    bypassing: Hmmm…. interesting news.

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