Happy Birthday to Wireless@sg

Happy birthday to you Wireless@sg.

It has been one year since you started. I wonder if anyone at IDA remembers that today is your birthday. If you were successful, I think everyone in Singapore will remember this day and celebrate your birth, But you are a great disappointment. Maybe because it is still early for us to pass judgement. Or it could be the over promise made by your parents.

There were talks of future plans like Wimax and stuff. Yes, Wimax sounds good. Longer range and faster access. But what the point of faster access if you can’t even log in to begin with?

I still remember my first experience with Wireless@sg. It wasn’t a pleasant one. In fact, there wasn’t any experience since I couldn’t connect on that faithful night. But I didn’t give up on you that night cause it was your first night. Perhaps you still need sometime to fine tune everything. But as the time goes by, it seems that the standard will never improve. Getting wireless@sg requires lots of luck. I guess I wasn’t lucky enough. That why I keep encountering problems with wireless@sg. Till I got so pissed off that I switched to mobile broadband lately.

I’m blogging this entry at Orchard Road now. Rightfully, there should be wireless@sg network here. But I decided to use my mobile broadband instead. Why risk having high blood pressure?

Anyway, Happy birthday wireless@sg. Hope the standards will improve by your next birthday.


  1. Miss Loi: Well, unable to find free wifi hotspot and found wifi hotspot but can’t connect…. hmmm… I wonder which is worst. 😛

  2. I’ve been using WIFI on my laptop in Macs and libraries. My feeling is outdoor WIFI is getting bad but indoor surfing in libraries still work pretty fine.

  3. Wireless@SG is reasonably decent.

    But it is the kind of service providers that are offering the infrastructure. We know who they are. One big man talked big about offering FREE wireless connections for the mass in Singapore. Remember that FREE wireless@SG is for a certain period only.

    Some guys said yes to this one big man without thinking harder about the difficulties. I think that the money pledged by the government for this wireless@sg initiative is not enough to do a proper job.

    What kind of job can the providers do when there is not enough money?

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