MOH and AVA advise public to discard chocolate cakes from Prima Deli

MOH and AVA advise public to discard chocolate cakes from Prima Deli

1. The Ministry of Health (MOH) was notified of a food poisoning incident on 23 November 2007. As more incidents were notified, epidemiological investigations indicated that the common food item between the various incidents were Prima Deli chocolate cakes purchased as early as 19 November 2007. To date, MOH has been notified of eight such food poisoning incidents associated with the consumption of Prima Deli chocolate cakes.

2. MOH and theAgri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) conducted joint inspections of Prima Food Pte Ltd which produces the chocolate cakes for all Prima Deli retail outlets. Food and environmental samples were taken for laboratory analysis. Preliminary results on 03 December 2007 for the food samples are suggestive of Salmonella as the likely causative agent. Prima Food Pte Ltd has been instructed to stop the production of all chocolate cakes and to recall all these cakes from distribution and sale. Screening of food handlers is in progress. Investigations are ongoing to determine the source of the contamination.

3. As at 03 December 2007, there were a total of 106 cases including six hospitalised cases, all of whom have been discharged. Six cases tested positive for Salmonella Enteritidis. The last case had onset of illness on 26 November 2007.

OK, let me give you a summary of events. (Souces from MOH press release and newspaper)

19 Nov (Mon) – First report of cakes being affected.
23 Nov (Fri) – MOH informed
24 Nov (Sat) – MOH and AVA conduct joint inspections (Estimated date)
26 Nov (Mon) – Last person to show symptoms.
26 Nov to 2 Dec – 50 of the factory’s 100 employees sent for health checks
30 Nov (Fri) – Prima Deli stopped all production and recalled two types of chocolate cakes
3 Dec (Mon) – Preliminary results out.
3 Dec (Mon) – MOH and AVA advise public to discard chocolate cakes from Prima Deli
4 Dec (Tue) – Reported on newspaper.

What did MOH and AVA do between 24 Nov till 3 Dec?
Why didn’t they announce earlier? The last case was on 26 Nov (One week ago). Which means the situation is more or less contained. Why announce when the cake are safe? Shouldn’t they issue the warning earlier? Furthermore they have stopped production of the cake since last friday.

So if you still have Prima Deli’s Chocolate Cake in your fridge, please discard them now. Even if they are not contaminated, they should be spoilt by now!

OK lah. Don’t worry. Their cakes should be safe now.


  1. Erm..Waiting for the test results to be out before further actions?

    Guess it’s always like that. They need to wait for the results and then plan their next course of action.

  2. Motd: Well, they stop production and discard the chocolate cakes on Friday.

    Which means they sort of confirmed the cause on Friday. So why wait till Monday then announce?

  3. If you have ever worked or talked to people who work in regulatory role, you would know that you can’t go around advising people to ditch a company’s product without evidence.

    Doing tests on food samples for specific forms of bacteria is not exactly cut and paste in word/excel, they have to be careful with the results as you can be sued for wrong information if the samples were wrongly tested.

  4. The whole thing is to find the exact source of the contamination. Cakes are made from many things, eg flour, sugar, water, flavours, coco powder. I guess that they have to be very cautious here. Imagine if the source is the flour and we better have the proof as the flour comes from another country. You know what happens when the blame game starts.

    Remember the fuss that US kicked up about the lead level in the China made toys. In the end, it was the parent company which set an inspection standard that is different from the factory.

    That is the problem with our government agencies. They do not tell you the proper details in a timely fashion and this cause people to speculate too much.

  5. Little did we know that our expensive and so-called elite leaders are totally brain-dead !
    They just follow procedures and rules, not intuition. Now, what if that happen to their son and daugther ? They will tell them to stop eating immediately ? Why not do that to public ? Oh because the chocolate shop generate avenue to the coffer ! PayAndPay tax to coffer, and therefore cannot afford to do anything before inspection.

    Look like we have really pig-brainless leaders who kiss to money and asses.

  6. PanzerGrenadier: Am glad I don’t need to work with them. But seriously, I think they should have announced on Friday instead of waiting of the weekend to pass.

    Spyer: What’s new? 😀

    david: Wah. You very anti-govt leh. haha. Relax.

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