My good twin brother cannot be trusted!!!

After reading CNA’s article on the Bring You Own Bag campaign, I feel that my good twin brother cannot be trusted.

According to an NEA survey, more shoppers have become aware of the BYOB initiative since it launched six months ago, with about 60 per cent supporting the campaign by bringing their own bags, making donations for plastic bags, buying reusable bags, or refusing plastic bags for small items.

The news say 60% of the shoppers support the campaign.

My good twin brother did some citizen journalism and wrote 2 article on the Bring Your Own Bag campaign.

Bring your own what? Bag?
Bring your own what? Bag? – 6 months later

The news article say majority of the people bring their own bags. But in his 2 article, he claims that only a small handful of people brought their own bags during the 5 minutes when he was there. If 60% of the people bring their own bags, then why were there so few people during that 5 minutes?

So I hereby conclude that he is lying! This guy cannot be trusted. He must have faked the numbers. He is trying to trick us into believing that the Bring Your Own Bag campaign isn’t working. How could he do that? This guy is evil. And he still dares to call me “evil twin brother”. Now looks who is more evil?

And one of the article even won the 2007 Best Citizen Journalism Post Award. He should be disqualified! That article is a fake! 60% of the shoppers bring their own bags. He is lying! Remove his title. Give the award to the next best nominee.

OK, another explanation is that the 60% aren’t at the supermarket while he was there. But what is the chances of that happening? Very slim.

Don’t trust my Good Twin Brother. He is a big liar. Luckily the mainstream media step out and show us the correct figures. Else we would never know that he is lying.

I’m beginning to wonder if he is lying about the wireless@sg issue too. Maybe wireless@sg is super duper fast and reliable. But he wrote fake article to give everyone the impression that it’s a failure. Let’s wait for the mainstream media to tell us the truth.


  1. With reference to Cowboy Town (The States Times)

    I think that what was said about wireless@sg may have some truth.

    “Then we have Yong Pung How’s daughter, Yong Ying-I, 44, made chairman of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), even when IT savants island wide still wince in memory at her “I don’t’ even know what CDMA is” remark when eyebrows were raised at her being made CEO of IDA in 1999. She left IDA quickly in 2001, taking shelter in non-IT related Ministry of Health. But she’s back with a vengeance, replacing 10 board members who left, with pals from Lenovo, eBay, United Parcels Service and Singapore Technologies. Maybe it took all of them to teach her what CDMA stands for.”

    It is so ironic that we have a bunch of leaders who lead by mouth and not by experience. No wonder that we have a doctor who thinks $290 is enough to survive. One woman who thinks chicken is more expensive than fish. One man who has this idea of people can own cars because of ERP system. One guy who suggests people to get cheaper alternatives when it is the cheapest alternatives that are getting expensive.

    And finally, one guy who does not like hums in his mee siam.

    As one man who said:

    “we don’t have to pay peanuts to get monkeys. Even if we pay bananas, we can get monkeys too.”

  2. Ah, we’re reaping the benefits of leaders directly rising to the top without working through the ranks and expriencing what life of the common man is really like …

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