I'm turning on comment moderation

Hey everyone. Sorry, I have to turn on comment moderation for a short while. I used to be able to receive email notification when someone comment on my blog. But recently, there has been some bugs with blogger and the email notification is down.

In the past, I will get email notification whenever someone leaves a comment. If it is a spam, I would delete shortly after seeing the email. But now that the email notification is down, I don’t know where the spammer post the spam comment.

Many bloggers encountered the same problem. Someone reported the problem at blogger’s forum and their staff are looking into it.

I seldom get spam on my blog. But I think the spammers knew that blogger email notification is down lately and they are having a field day. Got a couple of spam comments yesterday. Luckily I saw them while browsing thru the comments. I don’t know if there are any more spam comments. I’ll try to catch them if possible. Damn those low life spammers!

I will turn off comment moderation once blogger fixed the problem. In the meantime, please bear with the comment moderation. I will approve them asap. Even if it is a hate comment.

Update: Seems like the bug has been resolved. 🙂


  1. AdrianTYC: 100 spam comments daily?!?!? WOW. Where is your blog? Must be very popular to get so much spam. I only get 1 or 2 per week. Sometimes even none. 😀

    James: Why not? People who hate you will do anything to get their hate message across. Including using your blog comment. I got some hate comment in my blogs. If you are interested, you can go search for them. 😀

  2. Remember my world cup goals video blog which i talk on during the ping.sg meetup? Hope you remember :p

    Can use captcha to minimise spam though but never do it because wants to see the number of spams comming in.

    Somehow spam comments don’t increase my traffic. Maybe all coming from the same IP address…

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