SG-Startups business discussion

OK, I think I’m the last attendee to blog about the SG-Startups Business Discussion (Previously known as Business Discussion) that was held last sunday. The whole thing start after a group of pingster discussed about business issue at the shoutbox. They decide to meet up one day to discuss further. And so there is a gathering.

The event was held at National Library’s POD. It’s at level 16. Out of bound to public. But thanks to Nicholas for linking us up with NBL. Many thanks to Johnson from EBIS for lending us this beautiful place for our discussion. They even sponsored us some refreshment.

The place looks beautiful. The view outside looks even better.

Hey, all these paid using our tax money. Am glad I get to see where my tax money go. Don’t worry if you don’t have a chance to visit this place. I’ve taken lots of picture. Haha.

OK, back to the discussion. The discussion was great for a start. It is unconference style and everything goes. But the thing about unconference is that Singaporeans are generally shy and don’t speak out (Me inclusive). Luckily Paddy was there to keep things moving.

One very good question that was being ask that day was “What business would you setup if you have one million dollar?” That is a very good workout for the brain. So everyone took turns to say how they intend to waste use that million dollar on a business.

It is a good beginning. Looking forward to more such discussion. For a start, we created a facebook group so that it would be easier to keep in contact. Looking forward to more of such events.


  1. LOL I knew the taxpayer money would come up somehow so I told Johnson to keep the abalone and shark’s fins and serve vegetarian instead :p

    Great meetup though I missed a lot of it, let’s do this again!

    Nicholas (from Taipei)

    p.s. EBIS spelt wrongly

  2. Well the vegetarian food benefit me a lot 🙂 Didnt expect to have any my kind of food actually.

    Thanks to Johnson and you, Nic.

  3. Those red chairs look damn comfortable. I bet if one is not careful, one may fall asleep on them.

    While it is good to discuss about what you would do if you have one million dollars, it may be better that you discuss about getting that one million dollars. Was this discussed?

    By the way, that girl with red jacket blended very well with the red chair.

  4. Henry: Thx. 🙂

    Nic: Oops. Sorry on the typo. Hey, if you guys serve us abalone and shark’s fins, I keep my mouth shut tight tight one. Really. 😀

    Paddy: I thought you special request one. 😛

  5. Spyer: Luckily the discussion was so interesting that nobody went to La-la land. But yes, the chairs are very comfy. Our tax money again. haha. OK, Johnson will not invite me there again. haha.

    No, we did not discuss how to get that one million dollar. Instead, the 2nd part of the question was, “What if you don’t have that one million dollar. Will your plan still work?” (Ask this question only after the person said their plans.) 😀

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