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Got an email from Paddy over the weekend. This is not about Bak2u or Blog2u. But about a charity event by Heart-to-heart that Blog2u is helping.

I’ve known Paddy personally for many years and I was a member of his now defunct forum The forum used to have some charity drive to collect food and daily necessities for Heart to Heart. Heart to Heart is a non-profit, non-government aided welfare set-up initiated by Teresa Hsu. She is 109 years old this year and still doing her part for charity. Reading about her contributions makes me feel ashame of myself.

It’s a pity that is no longer functioning. But it’s nice to know that Blog2u is helping Heart-to-heart spread the message about their monthly food distribution drive thru their members. Blogging is not just about ranting and making money. There should be more to it.

It is good to know that Blog2u has adopted Corporate Social Responsibility concept. In the past, we only heard of large organization adopting CSR. But CSR shouldn’t be restricted to just large organization. SME can play a part too. Perhaps they can’t create a big impact like large organizations, but it’s the thoughts that count.

We bloggers can play a part in charity too. Maybe we can call it Blogger Social Responsibility? The blogsphere is a powerful media and I believe that we bloggers can help generate awareness on this great charity organization.

Do help spread the message on your blog.

The following items are needed monthly:

1) Instant Noodles
2) “Super” Coffee-mix 3-in-1.
3) Milo 3-in-1
4) Sugar (1 kg bag)
5) Cooking Oil (1 litre)
6) Rice (5 kg bag)
7) VitaSoy Soya Bean Drink (24x250ml)
8) Milk Powder (700g bag)
9) Bath soap (24 pieces)
10) Washing powder (1kg bag)
11) Toothpaste & toothbrushes
12) Eggs
13) Peanut Butter (170gm) & Others (e.g. old clothing in wearable condition, books, etc, please check with Heart-to-Heart Service)

Heart To Heart food distribution:
“Our next Heart To Heart food distribution is on Sunday, the 30th Dec., 2007 at 10am. All are welcome to take part. Kindly inform us if you are coming with transport or otherwise.”

OK, I promise not to use misleading title to trick pingsters to read this message. But please please please help spread the words. Thanks a lot.


  1. aye -) the boy’s brigade is also doing something similar.

    anyone’s who’s reading this, please help make christmas a little more special for the less fortunate. sometimes we are so blessed we don’t even realise it -)

  2. You are right, DK. It’s really interesting to see a smaller organisation considering CSR. And it’s probably from the heart rather than doing it for the publicity.

  3. Priscilla: Yeap. I always feel that CSR should be done from the heart. If you do for the sake of publicity, you most likely won’t get much benefits from it.

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