You guys might as well go rob bank

I was looking at the new taxi fare hike. Wah ciao. This is too much man.

As an example, ComfortDelGro says a 9-kilometre trip off-peak will cost $8.40 (a 10% increase from the current $7.65) while a trip of the same distance during peak hours will cost $11.40 (a 49% increase from the current $7.65).

49% increase? Hell, we have something call Public Transport Council right? Where are they? What are they doing? Sleeping? Might as well disband this freaking useless council. Waste our taxpayers money.

Why not taxi company reduce their taxi rental instead? Why should we be paying more when your drivers refuse to pick up customer?

And the worst increase is the 35% surcharge during peak hours. Madness. You guys might as well go rob bank.

Will not take Comfort and CityCab. Wait. The Taxi Operators’ Associations urge all the other taxi companies to adjust their taxi fares too. You all go eat shit lah.


  1. PTC is utterly useless. They have never been useful at all too.

    This country public transportation is spinning out of control where everything can be solved according to the govt with hikes, starting from the ERP. Of cos the rest of the private companies will follow too.

    Serving customers is not the priority, earning and squeezing everyone inbetween is.

  2. How can the other taxi companies miss this golden chance of not increasing the taxi fare.

    Take a look at petrol company. It only take one to increase the rest will do the same within the day.

    All the extra bonus are given to offset this kind of increase. Talk about pay being adjustment..

  3. hmmm, I don’t think they ever need to rob the bank because like them, the bank belong to one big happy $$$ family. Why do they need to rob themselves ? They just need to rob Peter to pay Peter.

    When PTC approved such hike without rational reasons,and that the ComfortDelGro even urge other taxi company to follow likewise which should consider illegal in business, we know that Singapore is really Uniquely Singapore Incorporated afterall. Well, one day, I just have to get out of this country ruled by elite uncaring and unmoral money-faced government somehow one day. Wish me luck ….

  4. Paddy: Well, they say PTC is there to justify the fare hike.

    motd: I also guess the rest would increase the fare sooner or later.

    geekycoder: Why the need to leave? Why not stay and fix things instead?

  5. “geekycoder: Why the need to leave? Why not stay and fix things instead?”

    Life is too short to fix thing here. So why not fix own life rather than fix incorrigible junk of system here. When money overrule the morality of the so-called leaders here who promote that money and power is the way of life here, the ulimate loser will be the people that neither has power or voice. The money culture has already so entrenched in society, it is just impossible to change the senseless system for the better , afterall money talks. Each coming day, it seems to get worse not better.

    Still, for those that cherish hope for the future here, keep it up.

  6. Spyer: Oh ya hor. Thx for the reminder. haha.

    Geekycoder: Well, everywhere will have their own set of problems. Where can we go? Utopia?

  7. There are always greener pastures to go to. Those who want to go there and find their Utopia, it is OK. Everybody have their limitations and their considerations. We cannot blame them, they have their reasons, whatever they may be.

    I will salute those stay and fight back in whatever way possible. It may take a long time. I do not run away from my place of birth. You may hurt my pocket and you cannot take my soul away.

    But I will go to my grave and tell myself that I have done my small part in making this place a little better for the next generations.

    Change is inevitable and time is beyond anyone’s control.

  8. True, every country has its own set of problems. It just that whether those things that you like about the country far outweights those things you dislike about the place. The factors depend on each individual. We have to ask ourselves what we want to do with our life or is there something worth doing for our life, and if there’s a place that offers what we need, we should have at least give ourselves a chance.

    Who knows, one might come to appreciate Singapore more after years of staying outside Singapore :^)

  9. seriously, when did the PTC ever stop a price hike?

    they convene not to discuss whether prices are to increase but to discuss the best reasons to justify any hikes. of course they would paint themselves as the saints when they say transport companies want to increase x amount but we think only y amount should be allowed to blah, blah, blah.

    of course when our main stream media reports it, it would look as if the PTC is so concerned with the welfare of singaporeans but in fact they couldn’t care too hoots about it.

    elitism at it’s best.

  10. In Singapore the obvious solution in every situation is just squeeze the consumers and never the operators or owners. And every watchdog you can name is totally useless, either directly under some Government control or pro-Government by proxy. What can we do? Whenever we complain too much they will say if you cannot take it, leave. We are becoming aliens in our country of birth. Sad, sad, sad.

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