ORD lor!

Time really flies. I’ve ORD-ed for 5 years already.


Still remember how excited I was on the day I ORD. There was some cockup with the admin clerks (as usual) and I end up collecting my Pink IC the next day. And I went around the camp for one last time, waving the Pink IC at people that I know.

Collecting back the Pink IC is a milestone for every Singaporean guy. It means:-
No more SOC.
No more area cleaning.
No more stand by bed.
No more f**king a**hole officers and specs.
No more guard duties.
No more extras.
No more knock it down.
No more shitty cookhouse food.
No more brainless task.
No more lights off by 10pm.
No more sai kang.

Well…. At least until we received our reservist call up letter.


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