Rebranding Decay On Net

Decay On Net has been in use for roughly 2 1/2 years already. It’s about time I rebrand Decay On Net to keep up with times. Everyone change their brand name once in a while to improve their image. I think I should change the name for Decay On Net to something better.

The new name will reflect my promise to deliver fascinating and inspiring blog entries for your reading pleasure.

It took me lots of money and time to rebrand Decay On Net. After several months of brain storming and discussions with friends from marketing, branding and PR, I still couldn’t come up with a good name to replace Decay On Net. Someone even suggested keeping the old name. But that is so outdated. I need to think of a new branding to keep up with time. Die die also must change.

Then few days ago, I saw a news article on Science Centre rebranding themselves. See, everyone is rebranding themselves nowadays. Which means that I’m following the right trend.

The Singapore Science Centre is rebranding itself as Science Centre, Singapore.

The new name was unveiled as the Centre turned 30.

Education Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam graced its anniversary dinner on Friday.

The Centre now caters to 120,000 students each year.

With its new name comes a new logo, which is inspired by the Centre’s promise to deliver a fascinating and inspiring discovery of science.

Hmmmm…. From “The Singapore Science Centre” to “Science Centre, Singapore”. Brilliant idea. Why didn’t I think of that?


So, ladies and gentleman, I’m proud to present to you the new branding for Decay On Net….

*Drum roll*

On Net Decay

Thank you…. Thank you…..


  1. Woohoo!! Can put the Science Centre rebranding exercise under the same folder as the stupid budget terminal naming contest. 😀

  2. I hope that everybody remember that “Marina Bay” was re-branded to “Marina Bay“.

    Now, can someone tell me which part of that was re-branded? Hey, I cannot even see any comma there.

  3. Hmmm…this sort of reminds me of the name the AMK Hub mall contest which in the end, the decided to stick to AMK Hub…just like any other name the terminal, the mall, the area etc.

  4. Always been the same eh? even marina bay… why can’t they call it bay marina?!

    Gosh… Where is the creativeness sia?

    Dun get me started on that mda rap.

  5. Such a lack of creativity, tsk tsk tsk… if it was up to me, I would have surely re-branded it as “Singapore’s Science Centre”. Bleh..

    – Nic

  6. Paddy: Well, they are quite entertaining. 😀

    Spyer: Maybe different font type? Haha.

    bypassing: Now you know what to send in when there is another naming contest. Tried and tested. Confirm to win. Haha

  7. Nicole: We are creative people. haha.

    Precious: Sure. My charging is also very creative too. 😀

    Rinaz: I love chewonit comic. Simply the best

  8. rudesingaporeans: You mean become “Party Action People”?

    Nic: I’ll rename it as “Singapore Science Centre” if they ask me. 😀

    Jeremy: If I chance my url, you won’t be able to see this entry. 😛

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