Bringing our money elsewhere

It is quite difficult to find a dinner place in town on Friday evening. Why is it that so many places don’t allow reservations during weekend evening?

I was trying to organize a Christmas party for pingsters this coming Friday evening. Initially, we wanted to go either Fish & Co at the Glasshouse or NYDC at Heeren. But both places doesn’t allow reservations on Friday evening. And the last thing I want to do is to organize a gathering without making reservations. Currently, we got 8 people confirm coming and 15 people tentative. Assuming half of those tentative are coming, that will make our gathering 15 people. 15 people without reservation on a Friday evening is as good as sitting outside 7-11 eating instant noodles. Why do they allow reservations on normal days but not weekends? If the place is not crowded, why do I want to make a reservation to begin with? Doesn’t quite make sense, does it?

OK, I know it’s hard for them to reserve table when the place is crowded. I’m not blaming them. More of feeling sorry for them. After a few days of searching, we finally found a place that allows reservations on Friday evening. Vila’ge@Heeren. We are bringing our money there instead.

Come join us for the Christmas party on 21 Dec, 6:30pm at Vila’ge@Heeren.
Requirements: Bring a Christmas present worth around $20 for gift exchange.

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