"I Am Legend" Singapore Premiere

I’m one of the first few people in Singapore to watch “I Am Legend” by Will Smith. HooWoo!!

My dear took part in the Class 95 contest and won a pair of ticket to the premiere. She knew that I’m interested in that show and took part in it without telling me before hand. She only told me about it when she confirmed that she won the tickets. Thanks darling. You are the greatest. 😀

The contest requires her to write about what she would do if she is the last person alive on earth. And here is her entry.

I would find self-sustaining energy power sources to keep myself occupied with everything on the internet – since the internet will still be around long after the human race is eliminated. Find a trusty companion/side kick, e.g. a dog as well as a reliable food source. Would be fun to check out places which were previously inaccessible to us normal folks, such as The Oval Room in the White House, or climb to the top of the Statue of the Liberty. Most importantly, find good constant source of music to keep me accompany – would be tough to find another source of good music other than Class 95!

I think the last sentence nailed the question and make her one of the 10 winners.

The movie is great. Great show. It basically show us how Will Smith survive when he is the last person on earth. Kinda cool. Makes me wonder what would I do if I’m the last person on earth. Maybe go take all the great gadgets from Funan and Sim Lim. Haha.

But there is one part about the movie that is kinda crappy. The whole show would be perfect if they didn’t do that. I can’t help but to post here.

**Skip the text in the box if you don’t want to read spoiler.**


The whole show tries to be logical by giving reason why the human race was being wiped out. Everyone caught a virus which turns them to zombie. This is totally possible in today world. Everything seems so real UNTIL that girl came and say “God” told her to go to where the rest of the humans are. God?

For goodness sake. The whole show is so perfect. Everything in the show can be explained by scientific means until this gal comes out. What the heck.

**End of spoiler**

OK, other than that crappy part, the whole show is perfect. Love it.
Make it the last movie that you are going to watch for 2007. Or the first movie you watch in 2008.


  1. Paddy: Yeap, will be hard to get the tickets for the first few weeks. It broke the record for being the top grossing movie released in Dec.

    Young Businessman: OKie lah. Normal zombie show. But they didn’t really focus on the zombie much. More on how he live.

    WAH… how come we all so late still not sleeping???

  2. I’m waiting for this to be screen. So far no luck with the tickets in any contest. Guess have to fork out $9.50 and catch it on the big screen.

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