National Treasure 2

Watched National Treasure 2 on Wednesday night. I’ve been watching free movie for 2 nights in a roll. Thanks to Ming for the invite this time. At first I thought he was kidding or drunk when he said he wanted to invite me for the movie screening. After all, I’m not a Nuffnang member. But I was rather surprised when I got an email from Nannywen informing me about the movie screening.

Reached Suntec earlier than expected to collect the tickets. There was a short queue for collecting tickets. I was given a sticker which says “I pay your bills” together with the 2 movie tickets. Hmm…. but I didn’t pay your bills leh (and I don’t foresee myself paying too).

The movie is nice. Still the same as National Treasure 1 where clues are flying all over the place and you will miss them if you blink your eyes. But the movie is worth catching.


  1. You are always complaining about nuffnang and when they gave you a ticket you blog good about them. Ming and timothy pay you?

  2. I’ll be glad if they pay me. Sorry, but they didn’t.

    Ming merely invited me to their movie screen. What wrong with that?

    Did I blog anything good about them? No leh. I don’t see any sentence of myself praising Nuffnang here. What talking you?

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