Uncomfortable cab

The cab was normal. Just that the cab meter is making me uncomfortable.

Taking cab from home to office use to be around $17 during the morning peak hours. Now its $21. That’s a 24% increase. Bloody daylight robbery. And we are talking about smooth traffic. I don’t dare to think how high the fare will go if I’m stuck in the peak hour jam. The 35% peak hour surcharge is too much already.

I think I’ll either have to wake up early or find a new job that is near my house. Taking cab is too painful for the wallet.

The strangest thing is that the media said that the Taxi drivers were the ones who asked for the fare hike. I haven’t seen taxi drivers who wanted the hike actually. Look, increasing the fare will only make less people taking cab. End of the day, you still take home roughly the same amount of money.


Watched midnight movie with gf after the ping.sg gathering. Since it’s pass midnight, we have no choice but to take cab home. But the good thing is, all the cabs are queuing up and you get to select your preferred brand.

Uncomfortable cab and shitty cab were the first to have the fare hike. Ass n smarty cab just started the fare hike recently. So we decided to take other brand of cab.

Silvercab is nice. For now….


  1. Hanneng: That why I took blue cab in the morning when I was late for work. Cause can’t avoid them. But at night when all of them are queuing and waiting for passengers, we can afford to choose the more comfortable ones. 🙂

  2. I know I am off topic.. But I saw the word “gf” so my eyes open super duper wide leh…

    Can’t help but post here. You got Girl friend ah?? Heee….

  3. Imu: Issit? I thought some of them will increase the fares at a later date. Damn. This is bad for us.

    Scubscub: Yes, your comment very off topic.

  4. Exactly! Who really wanted the fare hikes? Enough of the bullsh*t. That’s million dollars idea for you.

    And taxi companies can screw their own asses, if they have.

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