Do you want to be a Singapore Grand Prix Volunteer?

The 2008 Singapore F1 race will debut on 28 Sept 2008. And the Singapore Sport Council is looking for volunteers to fill several positions like Marshal, Boundary Rider and Medical.

Check out this site for more details.


Volunteers need to:-
1) be at least 18 years old and above as at 1st Jan 2008.
2) have access to the Internet and a valid email address.
3) be physically able and medically fit in order to perform his/her duties.
4) be fluent in spoken English.
5) fulfill ALL training/briefing hours.
6) be able to commit to ALL 4 days of the Event (25th – 28th Sep 2008).
7) successfully complete & pass the e-module assessment (if shortlisted). In the case of senior officials, it is required that they complete & pass all other necessary assessments.

Then I saw the benefits. Wah… Pathetic leh


1) Every volunteer will be given 3 sets of exclusive Event apparel to be worn on Event days.
2) Meals will be provided on Event days.
3) Community Involvement Programme (CIP) hours can be claimed where applicable.

Do you want to be a Singapore Grand Prix 2008 Volunteer?


  1. CC: Cost Saving.

    Moby: Help with the race girls? Hmmm…. don’t think they need guys to wear race girls outfit and pose beside the cars. 😛

  2. If you google “Grand Prix volunteers”, you will find out that it is normal to ask for volunteers during these GPs. It is just that the benefits differ between the GPs.

    Singaporeans are not very familiar with the term “volunteer“. We are not used to the fact that volunteers are not paid in monetary terms but in kind. We are drilled to equate everything to money.

    Welcome to Singapore Inc.

  3. This is exactly why people volunteering their services should know about what other GP organisers are giving to their volunteers.

    You will see that the overseas GP organisers give out very good benefits to their volunteers.

    This is why volunteers should think in an non-financial way for services rendered.

  4. i think they won’t lack volunteers, especially with such big event for the first time.

    I myself volunteer for sports events too, with only lunchbox and t-shirt and maybe taxi money.

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