Flunk my exam

It wasn’t really a surprise to me that I flunk my exam. I was quite confident that I will fail that paper when I walk out of the exam hall. And I was right after all. (Although I really wish I was wrong)

That is supposed to be the last exam paper in my entire whole life. Now it has become my 2nd last exam paper. So I can’t graduate this year. Have to wait another year before I get that piece of paper. I don’t need to retake the entire module. Just need to take the exams. But the stupid thing about this is that the exam is in Nov. I’ll have to wait 1 whole freaking year to retake the exams. What a stupid ruling.

Actually, I’m fine. Just feeling quite sian about the whole thing. I just wanted to get it over and done with. But looks like I can’t. I think I’ve reached a point where I see no use for a degree except to get a better paying job. The things I really wanted to do doesn’t requires a degree. And I’m not learning the skills that I need from this degree course.

And it makes me wonder more…. Why the hack am I trying to get that piece of paper?


  1. I’m actually contemplating whether I should continue with my 2nd degree since I’ve already started it…

    Now that you mention… I’m in even deeper dilemma! ;P

  2. Musicbox: The question you should ask yourself:-

    Will you be learning anything new from the degree course?

    Do you need to take that degree course?

    Does the degree course value add to your current work or the work you are looking for.

  3. Hey DK, take care… Don’t regret now that you’ve taken it, who knows the degree may come in handy in the future somehow. 🙂

    Merry (belated) Christmas.

  4. take it easy, dk 🙂
    like arzhou said, last hurdle le.

    once done / pass, you wouldn’t need to be bothered about it ever again 🙂

  5. dk
    Yeah actually I’ve thought of all that. That is why I took up the course. But I forgot to take into consideration getting married. ;D

  6. Dk, just continue, last paper already.

    Many of us while studying finds that the paperchase was worthless but many years after graduation, even though I didn’t apply the knowledge I learnt, I realise the degree course has honed my thinking and analytical skills and prepared me for what I’m doing today.

    By the way, your “flunk” post is in top 10 of ping.sg. Don’t know to be happy or sad for you, so many ppl want to read about you flunking your paper. :p

  7. Everyone: Thanks for your words of encouragement. Yes, I will still go retake the paper and get that piece of paper. For what I still don’t know. Haha. But since I’m already that close from a degree, why not?

    Cobalt Paladin: Yes, I notice that it is on top10 within 2hours. I seldom have entries that go to top 10 so fast. Haha.

    Maybe everyone want to come and laugh at me. (kidding only)

  8. hey cheer up dk!

    I just got my result and it is far from being pretty. It’s gonna make my remaining 3 semester feel miserable.

    now you have 1 year to prepare for it, i’m sure you can beat it the next time~

  9. The last mile is usually the toughest but it is also the litmus test to see how tough you be after all the crash and burns. 🙂

  10. You might not know when that piece of paper will come in handy. It’s just one more try. Dont waste the effort.

    Cheer up now and have a wonderful New Year. 🙂

  11. I’ve been following your blog for some time…just want to say that…dunno why, you give me a loser-type-impression. And once again this entry re-affirms that impression/image.

    Pls dun be offended. Maybe it’s because you tend to document negative/unhappy stuff. That’s why.
    Therefore I don’t get to form a nice positive image of you.

    No matter how, pls complete it since you are so close to it. and instead of lamenting abt it, maybe you want to consider doing degree/masters whatever that’s more relevant to your area of interest?

    All the best!!!!!

    PS – I am very happy you got attached! Coz it goes to show that there’s a right gal out there who appreciates your merits! All the best!

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