How to downgrade from Vista to XP

You know Vista is crap when PC World wrote an article on how to downgrade from Vista to XP.

Vista is really unusable. I still remember my short experience with Vista when I was helping my teamlead install something on his new Laptop. Cannot stand it. Actually, I also don’t really like XP. I prefer to use Win2k.

But still…. Why downgrade to XP when you can upgrade to MacOS?


  1. Young Businessman: Throw away the PC, get a iMac or a Macbook. 😀

    PS: Actually, some people managed to install MacOS on PC. BUT, it is illegal.

  2. Vista is trying too hard to be like MacOS. XP has established acceptable stability now. Even XP will have its SP3 coming soon. Most new PCs come with Vista, but some people are downgrading them to XP the moment they opened the boxes.

    Alas, most of the powderful “bread and butter” software requires the M$. Usually, it is not much about the OSes, it is the application programs. Have anyone developed high-end engineering 3D modeling software for Mac and Linux?

    Most corporate level users would not like to reduce their productivity by using unstable OSes. And not everybody have the money to upgrade things every damn year.

    Till the day arrives where applications are independent of whatever OSes, we have to live with this kind of crap.

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