Don't say I teach you one lah

Playboy website is being blocked by all Singapore ISP. Yes, the uber cool hip hop rapping MDA does not allow you to visit playboy website. You get this screen if you visit

You see, porn is no good. You should be watching discovery channel instead of this.

But do you know that you can still access that site if you enter the url without the “www”.


OK, if you are being caught, don’t say I teach you one lah.

And I didn’t surf that site. Saw this info from a forum.
I just go in, grab the image and exit the site. I didn’t check out any of the playmates. REALLY. I SWEAR!
Update: MDA discovered the loophole. Doesn’t work anymore.


  1. Hanneng: Really, I didn’t click on the link. Why nobody believes me? πŸ™

    Bobo: Hello. Thx for visiting. Nice meeting you on Friday. πŸ˜€

  2. CC: That the owner of Playboy.

    Xizor: He is innocent. Don’t sabo him. Haha.

    l0d35tar: Actually, no leh. Cause I purposely didn’t put the word “playboy” in the title.

    motd: Really? poor thing. Time to switch to Singnet. πŸ˜€

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