OK, I know this CP Shrimp Wonton has been out in the market for very long. But the mountain tortise me only tried it for the first time last sunday. I was hungry in the afternoon and was hunting for food in my fridge when I saw this in the freezer. Perfect food for a cold rainy afternoon.

I knew cooking this wonton is easy, but I didn’t expect it to be THIS easy. Just boil water, pour the powder for soup base, put the Wonton in, wait 3 minutes and you have a bowl of hot wonton.

It is that simple. There is another version which is like cup noodles. All you need is to pour hot water into the bowl of wonton. Imagine, no pot and bowl to wash after eating. Perfect for a cold lazy afternoon.

If DK can cook, so can you!

PS: This is not a paid advertisement.

I think I’m having some sleeping disorder.

I sleep at around 2:30 to 3am everyday. Not that I don’t want to sleep earlier, but I don’t feel sleepy at night. And since I’m sleeping late, I usually wake up late for work too. I need to wake up at around 7am each day. But I end up waking up at as late as 8:30am. (I start work at 8:30am) That explains that big stack of taxi receipt in my drawer. And no, I can’t claim taxi fare for being late in the morning.

The thing is, I’m usually sleepy in the morning and early afternoon. But I become awake in the late afternoon and night time. You must be wondering how did I survive with 4 hours of sleep each day. Well, I slept for 8 to 10 hours during weekends. Which I think make up for the lost sleep during the weekdays.

I keep waking up late lately. It is so bad that I have to set 2 alarm clock, 1 handphone and 1 radio to wake me up today. And it almost didn’t work until Class 95 decided to play a song by Spice Gals. Yes, their horrible music woke me up today. I doubt they will be playing Spice Gals again tomorrow morning. What am I going to do?

Do I need to seek medical attention?

Went to see the doctor today. Flu and sore throat.

But sometimes I wonder is it my body that is sick, or am I just sick of everything that is happening?

The itchy hand me went to upgrade my iPod touch firmware to 1.1.3.

Yeap, that 1.1.3. You can tell the difference from the dock. At first I thought it would be easy to roll back to 1.1.1 and re-jail break my iPod touch. I was so so so wrong. The 1.1.2 way of downgrading to 1.1.1 doesn’t work anymore for 1.1.3. You need another method. After trying out several times, I finally found a very easy method here.

Here is a good reference for iPod touch jailbreaking.

DK ah DK…. don’t hand itchy again lah.

A ex colleague send me a MSN message just now.

Hey, is this your picture? :S http://www.msnimages.net/images/viewimage.php?=xxx@hotmail.com

It looks fishy. I suspect it is a virus. But I still clicked on it.
The file was downloaded to my computer and it wasn’t a picture file at all.

You must be thinking that I’m crazy. Suspected virus still click.
Well, 114,000 known viruses for PC. But not mac.

If you caught the virus, here is how you remove it. Not sure if it works cause I don’t have the virus to begin with. Let me know if you tried it.

Download MsnCleaner.zip to your Desktop.
Extract the content of MsnCleaner.zip to your Desktop.
Reboot into Safe Mode
Double-click MsnCleaner.exe to run it.
Click the Analyze button.
A report will be created once after you finish scan.
If it finds an infection, click the Deleted button.


I always feel that Mac is very vulnerable. More and more people are using Mac OS. Everyone thinks that there is no virus for Mac and most Mac users doesn’t have a virus scan. (Me inclusive) All it takes is for someone to write a good virus for Mac OS that spread around Mac users and we are in deep shit.

Everyone was talking about Transport Minister Raymond Lim’s comment about cabbies earning average $318 daily. The amount seems too good to be true. While everyone has different way of calculating the take home pay, all of us conclude that if the earning is $318, the monthly take home pay will be around the pay of a fresh grad (or even higher).

Most people feel that the figure is near impossible.

Then ComfortDelGro steps out to clarify the matters.

ComfortDelGro has since clarified, $318 accounts for a taxi’s takings over two shifts.

With most taxis shared between two drivers, to defray costs and working hours, the average daily takings for each cabbie — before deducting rent and petrol costs — would work out to $159. Minus expenses, this would mean the average driver pockets about $85 a day.

“We have over 30,000 drivers and there will definitely be drivers who earn more than the average and those that earn less,” said ComfortDelGro spokeswoman Tammy Tan.

Luckily this article came out in time. I was about to submit my resignation letter and apply for a taxi license.

Although some cabbies claims that $159 per 12 hr shift is optimistic, at least the figure looks much more closer to reality.

Which makes you wonder something. Is Raymond Lim too disconnected from the average Singaporean? When the $318 figure was reported, everyone knew that there was an error. He didn’t ask or use a calculator to check before presenting this obviously flawed figure to parliament.

Either he has no idea how much an average cabbie is earning or he thought that cabbie can work 24 hour shift daily.

I think our Transport Minister Raymond Lim should do Hip Hop for the next Chingay to connect with the people. Just like what the P65 did last year.