– Creative Feedback Challenge (RCFC)

OK, I guess I’m the last person to submit my entry to win the Apple iPhone and 8gb iPod Nano in the Creative Feedback Challenge.

Here are my suggestions to

1) Show a list of companies currently hiring on the main page.
Sometimes, the company itself is the best advertisement for getting new recruits. Job seekers can check out the job offering from their dream company.

2) Show the number of items in each category
For example, if there are 1900 jobs listing for “Retail jobs” category, the link should display “Retail jobs (1900)” to let people know how many job listing are there at one glance.

3) Display job listing in a table form.
Display job listing in a neat table form, with columns like “Company name”, “Position”, “Date posted”, “Qualification”, “Experience”, “Salary” etc etc. The table should allow users to sort by any column.

4) Improved Advance search
The advance search feature needs to be improved. Search should allow users to search job based on category, location, salary, qualification, experience etc etc.

5) Add google map
Implement google map to the system to show job seeker the location of the office. Job seeker can also view jobs that are near their home using google map.

6) Widgets for job seekers and employers
Create widgets for job seekers to add on their blog. Prospective employers can click on the widgets to access to job seeker’s profile in
Create another widget for employers to place on their website or blog. The widget will display the current job offerings the company has.

7) Show the number of times job entry has been viewed
Show the number of times someone view the job entry. The main page will list the top 10 popular job entries for the past 24 hours.

8) Allow job seekers to add video or audio clip on their profile page
Allow job seekers to add a video or audio clip on their profile to “sell” themselves to prospective employers.

OK, that is all I have for Thank you. Hope my entry is good enough to win the iPhone. 😀

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