Some stupid process

Warning: Work rant ahead

I’m still in office, babysitting some job to make sure that it runs perfectly and without error. Another colleague from another department is on standby at her desk on level 2, waiting for me to give the command to either start work or leave office. It all depends on the job. If it run finish successfully, everyone goes home and have a good night rest. Else there will be a mad rush till 10pm.

The thing is, actually there is no need to stay back to babysit this job. We can hold all the affected data tonight and release them tomorrow evening for the system to process. But then, some stupid people from some stupid department come out with some stupid process which doesn’t allow releasing of data on Friday. Reason is because nobody is in office on Saturday to confirm that the data is processed correctly. And we cannot release the data on Monday because that will delay the stuff for too long and customer might complaint.

The thing is, you don’t need anyone to check if the data has been released correctly on Saturday. If they do everything correctly, the data should be released properly and nothing should go wrong. If you don’t release it correctly, the system will flag out the data and someone can still fix it on Monday morning when they return. There is no need to check the record the next day. Besides, its just a simple clicking of a few buttons for their side. So why would there be any errors? Come on, have more confidence in your people. And not releasing the data on Friday is very troublesome for a lot of us. Why not just amend the process for this task?

And so, because of the stupid process, I have to stay back to babysit the job. I don’t mind staying back to do OT when busy. In fact, I used to OT almost every day when we were busy and I don’t mind those long hours. But I just can’t stand the fact that I’m doing OT because some stupid people came out with a very stupid process. Come on lah. Be flexible.

Stupid…. very very stupid.


  1. You bitch a lot about other things. You seems to be self-centered.

    Also, if you have problems with any procedure, why are you not bringing it up to the relevant important people? It is a skill to convince and a good employee is also one that knows how to manage people at the top.

    I think you are lacking the skill to play office politics. Also you only bitch about this because you had to stay back and your time is burned. I’m afraid to say that is not a sign of a good employee.

    Looks like you’ve a lot to learn if you want to climb higher mate.

  2. Anon: You are not a very good reader and commenter. I said already, I don’t mind staying back to OT if busy. But I mind staying back for some stupid procedure like this.

    And what makes you think that I didn’t bring this issue up to management?

  3. you know, the only people that will react like anon 04:02:00 AM would be the “some stupid people” dk refer to.

    everyone else enjoys dk’s posts. 😀

    stop making people suffer just because you want to add one more notch to your list of achievements.

  4. Anon: Doubt the person who came up with the stupid process will stumble upon this blog.

    I don’t know leh. Keep getting a few hate comments. Suspect could be from the same person. Oh well…. doesn’t really matters.

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