Creative advertisement on Google main page?

Some of you might know that google has a policy of keeping their main webpage as simple as possible. The google main page consist of the google logo, a textfield for keying your search keyword, 2 buttons and several links to other google services. They don’t even have advertisements like their own ads-sense.

So imagine my surprise when I saw a Creative Zen advertisement on the google main page last Friday afternoon. How did creative managed to convince google to run their ads on the main page.

Well, they didn’t. I was using wireless@sg from Qmax. For the uninitiated, Qmax belongs to Qala which belongs to Creative. So when you use wireless@sg by Qmax, they will insert their advertisement at the bottom of EVERY SINGLE PAGE you surf.

I thought IDA paid the 3 service provider to provide wireless@sg for free. Why is Qmax making use of this opportunity to push advertisements to users? The other 2 service provider, Singnet and iCell, only put advertisements on the login page. I’m fine with that since it is not obstructive. But why is Qmax so special that they have to place advertisement on the bottem of every page you surf?

And is this legal? Qmax is hijacking the website and throwing their advertisements on websites that doesn’t belongs to them. Can these website owners sue Qmax? I know the wireless network belongs to Qmax. But the website doesn’t. Does wireless internet network provider has the rights to push ads on these websites? Does website owners have the rights to demand royalties from Qmax for placing advertisement on their website without permission?

Any legal experts here?


  1. Is Paddy’s software legal? LOL

    Sort yourself out first before you attempt to sort out others. Has your advertisement made you any money? Has Paddy paid you any royalties for speaking good for him?

    If you don’t like the advertisement, then dont use the wireless internet. LOL~~ Why do you want to sue them? Its your choice, you can choose not to use it, unless you are trying to create trouble and bring them down? Are you Harry Lee in disguise? LOL

  2. Anon: Seriously, what is wrong with you? Get a life, get over with it. These are 2 different issues.

    If you don’t like what I write here, then don’t come. Why come here to pick a fight?

  3. I sometimes used QMax wireless connections. They are the wireless@sg provider for McDonald. I noticed that when I connect at McD Funan with my Nokia N800, the Creative ad loads a lot of stuff continuously, making the real content browsing a bit painful.

    But I go to Stadium McD and logged in there, it seems not to load Creative ad. It could be selectively loading the Creative ad based locations.

    Where did you log in to get the Creative ad?

    DK. to be fair, each provider has its own TOS on the usage of their service. The TOS would have explain how they would provide their services. And also, when we click “OK” button, we also accept their T&C too. The details are in the fine print.

    It is still “FREE” (for now).

  4. Spyer: True, but then, I’m speaking from the website owner point of view. The wireless@sg user accepts the TOS. But the website owners didn’t.

    I don’t know lah. Just some thoughts that I had when I saw the ads.

  5. I don’t think it’s fair to the website owner, it somehow suggests endorsement to Creative products which might not be the intent of the website. Imagine going to looking through iPods and you have this little Creative advertisement at the bottom.

    It’s good to that you brought this up, I hope IDA takes notice of this…

  6. Yes, I would agree with you that the agreement is basically between the user of the service and the service provider.

    I feel that the way Creative ad was coded greatly impaired the content browsing experience. Sometimes, the Creative ad takes a higher priority in loading their content over the actual content. I find it intrusive. There was one time it was so bad that I stopped using it and walked away.

    This, in my opinion, is not acceptable and not fair to the website owners.

  7. The advertisements appear in most wireless@sg that I have encountered before. I think it is okay since it is free wifi.

    Quite common in overseas with advertisements at the browser. Maybe it is new to us only.

  8. mr dew: Oh ya. I should have captured a screenshot of the ads being display on Apple store. That would be more funny. 😛

    Spyer: I didn’t know that the ads has higher priority loading. All I know is it’s an eye sore.

    bypasser: Actually, only Qmax has ads on the browser. Singnet and iCell doesn’t. (Or maybe not yet) Yes, it is indeed something new to us.

  9. Inserting adverts into every page is fine IMO since it is free wireless. but the screenshot you posted is very misleading to anyone who surfs onto google site as there is no indication that the advert comes from the wireless network you are on. You may want to send the screenshot to google to see if they have any problems with that.


  10. Rob: Yeap, it is very misleading. I think the least they could do is to state that the ads is from Wireless@sg and not the website itself.

  11. I have used all the wireless@sg service providers, only QMax ISP has the Creative advertisement. For anything free, advertisements are somehow a accepted feature but it must not be disruptive to your browsing experience.

    From what I gather, after you have logged in to QMax, it goes into a frame-based setup. If you view the source codes from the two areas, you will see that they are totally different.

    Even Google adds a small line in all their advertisements, saying “Ads by Google”. I am wondering if their advertisement placement has broken any code of practices on this.

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