Cloverfield – Oil Rig Collapses in Atlantic

Don’t panic guys. This is not real. Although the news reporting makes the whole thing seems a bit real. (Minus the not so perfect CG of the Oil Rig collapsing) This is just some teaser video for Cloverfield which will be showing in 18 Jan 2008.

The release of these videos are also nicely timed. It gives you the out of the cinema experience where news of the monster slowly unfolds on the internet. I think we will see more clips online from now till 18 Jan. From the look of it, it is tracing the route of the monster from Atlantic ocean till it “attacks NYC” on 18 Jan. And we human are still clueless about what is causing all these. Interesting concept. It’s so realistic.

Great job by J. J. Abrams.

There are actually a lot more video clip in different languages scattered all over the internet. Do check out cloverfield clues for more interesting stuff regarding cloverfield.

Can’t wait to watch Cloverfield. 10 more days to go.


  1. I’m very excited about the release of Cloverfield too. I think it’ll be the first big budget horror action movie to show the studios how powerful internet viral marketing can be. We’re all going crazy trying to figure out what the monster looks like.

  2. Scary: Actually, I don’t really care how the monster looks like. I’m more interested in the plot and the build up on the internet before the show is released.

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