LTA can predict which road will have congestion

I was quite amazed when I read this news article.

If you’ve spotted gantries like these being contructed at Toa Payoh Lorong 6, Upper Boon Keng Road, Kallang Bahru, Geylang Bahru Road, or Upper Hume Avenue, fear not.

The Land Transport Authority has confirmed that although these are indeed ERP gantries being set up, they won’t be turned on just yet.

These ‘unactivated’ gantries will possibly only start charging motorists when traffic conditions deteriorate beyond “optimum speed ranges”, which is set between 45kmh and 65kmh for expressways, and between 20kmh and 30kmh for roads.

If vehicular speeds fall below 45kmh on expressways and below 20kmh on roads, traffic congestion is deemed to have occurred.

And should that happen on a regular basis, motorists will be well-advised to have their cashcards topped up!

Wow. You mean LTA has a team of people with 6th sense that can predict which road will have congestion in the future? And they built these ERP gantry now so that they can turn it on once traveling speed falls below 20kmh? WOW!!

Just curious…. what if that group of people with 6th sense predict wrongly and the traveling speed never fall below 20kmh? Does that means that they will be making a lost since the EPR gantry will not be turn on?


  1. Everything in life is a guess. You guess correctly you win, you guess wrongly you lose. There are no guarantees in life.

  2. Anon: True. But there is no need to guess here. Just put up the gantry when traffic really slows down.

    How long does it take to put up gantry? 2 weeks? 3?

  3. I have no idea, you are assumming. Everything we discuss would be assumption because we do not have all information.

    If you think you have a passion for tranport or you can do better, then join PAP and get a job into the transport ministry. Whats stopping you?

  4. Yes, DK. If you know enough of Singapore politics, joining PAP is one thing you ever want to do, unless you like to be turned into a Darth Vader (dark side). You don’t join PAP, it is they who choose you.

    Of course, LTA can predict. Plucking numbers from the air is very easy for them. Statistics in Singapore are starting to look like a game show.

  5. lets get LTA to predict the next 4D number as well!

    anon 12:20AM, you don’t know how singaporeans feel.
    every time the government tries to solve a problem, it usually involves charging/taxing people more.

  6. I know how Singaporean feels. But there is a reason why government are charging more on ERPs. Of course many people refuse to accept the reason or they simply judge before they have all information.

    Some time back, the government had already decided to transfer buying cost(of a car) to usage cost.

    It means that you can buy, and it would cost you very cheap to buy and it still would have no significant effect on the trafic as long the cost of using it is monitored.

    In the past cars cost very expensive to buy and park. Someone came along and asked, if i want to buy a car park at the carpark, and only drive it on the weekend, why can’t the government give me some kind of discount?

    The government is doing that. Only problem is you cannot just transfer the cost of buying into usage over night. Why? Because people paid 100k for a car, and how can you suddenly make a car cost 10k tomorrow?

    Therefore the lowering of COE over the past few years if you had noticed(how the government do this is obviously quite controversy) in order to lower the cost of owning a car.

    Now that the cost of owning a car has come down, it is time to take the next step and increase usage cost. As you can see from the gantries erected. Its the same, whether you pay for it in the COE or you pay for it while using the gantry, you are still paying but in the latter case, you are only paying when you are driving, isn’t it better than before?

    The cost of buying will continue to go down and the cost of usage will continue to go up, until it reaches a point whereby it cost very very cheap to buy and park, buy very very expensive to use. And the cost of usage will continue to go up until it reaches a point where only 2 type of people will drive. First is those that can afford. Second is those that is necessary. So the rest of the drivers would be kept out(during peak).

    This is already happening in other cities like Sydney, London, Tokyo or Hongkong. People who own cars do not drive to work but instead take the train. People drive out only for leisure.

    So the model would be such that any tom dick and harry can afford and can buy a car becaues it is so cheap to buy, but if you want to use, you got to go through the gantries, your pocket would be hurt, the cost is control by you. The more you drive, the more you pay. In the past, you get the car at 100K, if you calculate the cost owning it is close to $1000 a month – even if you dont drive it. But now with the new wonderful system, you only pay when you drive and you determine whether you need to drive, if you do just pay. Don’t you think this is a much better system to for drivers and for the road?

    Of course we cannot just judge upon see gantries being erected right? We are not that childish right? We respect the people who is doing something for our country right? We dont think they are so stupid that they did not know what they are doing right?

    Lastly, if you think they are not doing a good job, then go get first class degree and go work for them. If you think they are not good enough, show us you can do better. Whats stopping you?

  7. “then go get first class degree and go work for them” – doesn’t this statement make you sick to the bones? Why not wear jackboots and join Mussolini, he made the trains run on time. Why not wear a Swastika and join Hitler, he eliminated 6 million “pests”? The clown actually believes the MIW has a monopoly on talent!!!

  8. As one minister has said before, you can own cars because of the ERP system. How true and subtle.

    First class degrees can get you into LTA but you will not get into that million dollars club that makes the real decisions on the behalf of every Singaporean. Remember, it is for your own good. Not everyone want to be walking behind the devils.

    So, LTA makes decisions for who? For the good of the people or the benefits of the million dollars club?

  9. Get into it, you can decide what you want to do. Whats stopping you? You think you can do better right? Show us lor. Talk is cheap lah. I can also say Bill Gates sucks, i can do better than him, i dont want only. LOL

  10. To bitch, you need a mouth. Easy to bitch. Lets see how many of those bitcher can produce something of equal quality.

    I mean most people started a blog to bitch about their life. Most of DK’s postings are bitching. Bitch about everything that discomfort him. Frankly he comes across as low grade Singaporean who belongs to the class where ‘money no enough’ for anything else thats why bitch about his life all the time.

    Can you see him complaining about everything in his life except himself even he is perceived to be narrow minded by others? In life it is your attitude that counts, attitude determines where u can reach.

    DK : Sorry to say this, but i think you belong to the lousy genes class from lousy stock migrant.

  11. Of course first class degree is the minimum if we’re talking about good talent right? I mean at least prove yourself at the academic level right?

    Surely we want the best for our country and of course only the best would be considered. If you do badly in your academic then how do we trust you are able intellectually?

    If you cannot even achieve the minimum criteria to be considered working for them, then on what grounds are you criticising those who are doing a job? You are just an armchair critic as far we can see. Like the previous reader said, as long got mouth can criticise already lor.

  12. I do a agree that before you are able to make any changes or serve in a government sector because you know that you can do the job better than anyone else, is that you have to meet the minimum criteria first. Eg, a first class degree or an academic record gd enough to be consider for the job.

    However i disgree that u have to obtain mimimum criteria just to critise those on the job…that just doesnt sound right man…

    P.S. I’m not anti anything just that one sentence that i dont agree with.

  13. That depends on what you are criticising. Whether is it constructive or simply for the lack of understanding.

    If you understand the system and want to criticise the system, fine. But because the system made you pay and it hurt your pocket and you criticise then i don’t see how it can be valid.

    Bottomline is are you criticizing because you dont like it(because it hurts your pocket) or because you think it deosn’t work?(but have you understood? If you did then can you tell us what would work? Instead of telling us, why dont you go do it, go prove it, whats stopping you from doing something about it if you think you are better?)

  14. To: anonymous 06:06 PM
    You seriously misunderstand what is this blog for. We are not telling you anything. This is not an official complaint. It can never be, because you are anonymous. We don’t know who you are anyway.
    Consider this the equivalent of ‘friends’ meeting at a venue, to lament their frustrations at the end of the day. After all this is a personal blog, and not a political one.

    So stop telling us to prove things, and do things. Don’t you find yourself irrelevant, and not very intelligent now? “What’s stopping you?” What kind of question is that? Don’t be an oddball. Even as an anonymous commenter, I’m amazed that you can be so out of touch with the community.

    To: astonbrus, your personal attacks… are uncalled for, unnecessary. It shows us that you are not so intelligent yourself, to resort to this. Sometimes its better to remain quiet. Then nobody will know that your genes are not that good as well.

    To: anonymous 06:06 PM
    According to you, we can criticise the system. But our criticism will be invalid, if the system hurts our pocket? That doesn’t sound very intelligent.

    Lets imagine a hypothetical scenario where LTA puts an ERP gantry right at YOUR door step. According to you, you can’t argue! Because your arguement is invalid, because it hurts your pocket! See how you don’t make sense?

  15. Of course ERP would be at the carpark. Infact a lot of carparks are already charging via gantries on your cash card. I dont have a problem with that. Do you?

    It does not mean something hurts your pocket means that it is a lousy system. Your measure of a lousy or good system is not the basis of policies maker. You cannot look beyond the pain of your pocket – thats the problem with you.

    However policies maker is not making a policy not to hurt your pocket. Ultimately the decision to drive or not is yours, so if you think it will hurt your pocket, dont drive. Ultimately only those that can really afford will drive. That would keep away those that cannot afford to, and the roads would have lesser traffic.

    It is a wonderful system. The system is fair and just. You want to drive? You work hard for it. I dont see a problem with that system.

    Oh you mean you want to drive and yet do not want to pay a fortune for it? It is all about you yeah? You you you, you and your life, you and your money? I’m afraid Singapore has 4 million people. Out of these 4 million people, there are another 2 billion people in the rest of the world. And these is only 5% of the living things in the universe. 70% is dark energy and 25% is dark matter.

    Now, does this deflate your self-importance a little?

  16. OMG! This is fun. I am actually laughing. Some people are trying very hard here. The shift just started, is it? Next…

  17. DK : To be fair, it hurt you as much as it hurt others. It is fair. And one of the post explained clearly the reason for gantries charging. I guess to make driving cheaply is not the answer to our country’s traffic problem. I guess what you are feeling are felt by everyone, just blame it on the size of the country.

  18. Of course we cannot expect him to understand the size of the country means that traffic can be heavy if too many people are driving at the same time. if not, then why would he shout foul just because he needs to pay?

    Just because a duck cost $20 and i shout foul? On what basis? The cost of driving are driven by market conditions. The COE already come down, and it is offset by higher cost of driving by charging on gantries. Reason is not to hurt pockets but to keep out unnecessary cars. And to keep out unnecessary cars are not because there are discriminations or biases but because we want traffic to be smooth.

    The choice is still yours, if you want to drive, pay and drive, if you dont want to drive, save money. Why bitch about it? You want cheap, big, easy? How can it happen? A car cost $10K? And no ERP, nothing at all? You would even have a problem driving out of your carpark. You clearly lack the logic to think.

  19. I think you all need to go for english lessons. He is talking about setting up ERP gantry before there is any congestion. I didn’t see him complaining about the ERP system. At least not yet.

  20. You can see how all storm troopers gather around. Yes, it was about ERP gantries being installed.

    Someone simply just does not like to their esteemed advanced system being mentioned in a negative way. You will notice that the text is so structural in nature. Kind of remind you of the official replies in ST forum.

    The groove keeps on repeating over and over and over, again and again …

    As one minister said, the identity is not necessary, the message is more important.

  21. You mean, setting up gantries without charging he also can get pissed off? I pity people around him since he bitch so much in his life.

  22. anonymous@06:16PM: Don’t be a moron. The money for setting up the gantry fall from the sky one huh?

    It’s your tax money. You think can suka suka set up one for fun huh? If road condition doesn’t get worst, they won’t turn it on. Isn’t that a waste of your tax money?

    Use your brain if you have one.

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