Hate comments on Decayonnet

If you really hate the blogger so much, why not just stop visiting him? Don’t add to his daily unique visit. Don’t add to his comments. Just let him rot one corner and die.

I’m totally fine if you don’t agree with the things that I said here. I can’t expect everyone to agree with me. I’m always open to debate if you talk nicely. If I don’t agree with you at the end of the day, then we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

But disagreeing and insulting is 2 different thing. You disagree with someone doesn’t mean that you need to insult the person’s character. Once your comments comes together with person insult, I stop listening and treat you words like fart.

I’m seriously sick of all these hate comments out there. Why? If you don’t like the things I write, why bother coming? Get a life. Go visit porn sites or something.

I’ve decided not to reply to all those hate comments. I know some of you guys. You all really second to none. Why? Dare to insult me, but no balls to reveal your real name? Go ahead and insult me if you like. I won’t bother to delete your comments too. Let the whole world see how stupid you guys are.

And to the Anonymous asshole at 1/11/2008 08:28:00 PM, this finger is for you.

Fuck you understand? Fuck you!


  1. DK, I hope the short comment I wrote (which was later taken and repeated by anonymouse) didn’t offend you.

    There was no malice nor any intention to offend when I wrote it.

  2. DK, I totally agree with you about these bo liao people. Relating to my flame war experience… Talk nicely, not shoot your mouth off and insult. Argue for the sake for arguing, what for? I honestly sometimes feel that they have too much time to spare. They really don’t understand that sometimes their comments are very hurtful.
    I know it is hard, try to keep your cool k? Take care!

  3. Xizor: No worries. In fact, I kinda agree with you statement “有的时候,没错也认错,不会吃亏的”. Just that when you are in a heated arguement, you tend to forget this.

    Jas: Yeap, keeping my cool for now. Thx. 🙂

  4. * phew *

    DK, sometimes try and remember thpse times you missed her. There had been a time you loved her deeply. That feeling should take a lot to kill. That’s all I have to say. 🙂

  5. Nice finger! A bit hairy hor? 😀

    Chill out, DK. No need to get so riled up. It’s ok …. blogging’s full of good and bad. Take it on the chin and just roll with it.

  6. Sir, I hear your pain. But, I suspect these waves of comments of this type started when you wrote about the LTA/ERP.

    You see, there are some people out there whose jobs are to sit in front of the computers and type comments. Not I say one, there was one time that one minister said it one.

    “Identity is not necessary, but the message is more important” or something like that.

    They do not really care about you when you write about what you eat for lunch or dinner. But, they would like to correct certain confrontational “views” that are not consistent to their current “best” policies.

    The key tactic is to bombard you on a personal level and try to make you feel uncomfortable about making comments on our esteemed national policy making processes. You have seen it done recently on that blog post.

    There are some bloggers that have highlighted on that issue but they did not much attention as they have switched on their comment moderation or their blog posts are just repeating the news.

    The thing is that they want you to response to the comments. If you care to return their comments, it means that you get affected by them. They behave like trolls. You must not give them any due attention. They are not here to talk logic, they just want to disrupt and discourage.

    I have been monitoring, the “trolling” comments made about the ERP issues on blogs that talk about ERP/traffic woes are similar and consistent in the message they are trying to bring across.

    One thing that they have forgotten is that their tactics expose their existence and it will actually deepen the negativity towards the issues at hand.

    Just my 2.088936 cents…

  7. Wow! Hairy~ reminds one about the… OK. maybe you should run some ads? at least they’re contributing to the figures & stats? LOL please hate my blog! visit often!

  8. hey DK, don’t punish yourself for other people’s stupidity. The fact that they can’t help coming back to your blog reflects how lowly they are.

    Oh, they are adding to your unique visitors, time to consider CPM ad campaign, muhahahaha.

  9. I am the anon who posted this:

    ‘I wasn’t surprised about it……I was kinda surprised when you said you found a gf….I was thinking she must hv been able to see some merits in you….

    I feel that you can ask your good frens to give their frankest opinions about you….more imptly, you must be willing to change too…

    Take care!

    1/11/2008 08:28:00 PM’

    I don’t understand why my above comment warrants a finger from you. I wasn’t trying to be malicious, I am trying to state my opinion.

    I don’t know you at all. I only know you thru your entries and my impressions of you are formed from what you posted.

    I remember some time back I posted something the line of you giving me a loser type of impression. But I did clarify that that may not be a fair judgement of you since it may be due to you usually posting negative stuff about yourself. In that comment I also wished you all the best in your r/s.

    Anyway, coming back here. I have several single male friends who always fail in their r/s. As outsiders, me and my frens – we could see some issues abt them that they should change….This is why I suggested that you may want to ask your good friends for some opinions.

    Of course I could be wrong and that there’s nothing wrong with you (whatever impressions I gathered about you from your blog might be wrong).

    But, I’m simply suggesting that you can turn to your good frens for some frank opinions.

    Alright that is all. I just don’t understand why my comment should get you so riled up when I ‘ve seen worst comments from others in your blog.

  10. I agree.. Certain things are open to debate, but polite ones. Some people never learn to speak properly and hide insults. The worst thing you can get (which I got) is that a bunch of idiots doing this against you and no one helps you.

    And the whole thing is actually one giant misunderstanding of the blog post.

    Yes some people are gutless and choose to remain anonymous. Irresponsible morons I would say.

    Take good care!

  11. I beg to differ.

    Unleash your anger. Sound childish if you like. It’s your blog after all.

    Maybe you’ll feel better afterwards. Maybe you won’t. But it still doesn’t change the fact that one has the right to express him/herself the way he/she wants to.

  12. Anon@10:48: I think you got low EQ and IQ. First you call him a loser, next you say he sure break up. Now you asking why you got a finger.

    If for me, you’ll get a punch. Maybe 2.

  13. I don’t think DK is a clever person. Look at the kind of things he writes. Complain about everything my goodness. If life can be problemless then what is the point of his existence? Problems exist for a reason and you need to reflect your thoughts at times.

  14. anonymous@6:20: I don’t think you are a clever person either. You don’t like the things that DK post. Yet you come back everyday to read things you don’t like. I think you are a dumb ass.

  15. hey dk,

    thanks for dropping by my blog via nuffnang innit earlier. could you kindly go double check on the entry on innit. cause i think they remove it again. and i have got to post it for the third time. haiz, why are they such a loser.

  16. Moby: Yeap. It’s hairy. No idea why. Haha.

    Arzhou: Nah, I prefer to let them have their say here. And let everyone see how stupid they are.

    a20080112: Interesting views you got there. But I think they started way before the ERP post that I did.

  17. public educator: You want ah? I got alot here. Take as many as you like. hahaha.

    bobo: I truely agree.

    chillycraps: Kinda tempted to put ads. Haha.

  18. Soup: Yeap. Think I’m going to ignore all those comments from now on.

    anonymous_x: Hmmm….. Nah. Don’t want to unleash too much.

    charlie: No worries. Interesting blog you have there. 🙂

  19. hairy fingers! muahahaha!

    I hate ppl who leave annoying nameless comments too. Dare to write, don’t dare to identify themselves. Haiz…

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