The shelf in the sky

Spend 1 1/2 hour fixing this up.

Looks good. Now I got more space on my computer table. Can put more stuff on my computer table.

This is my first time installing something from ikea. OK, it wasn’t that tough, just drill 10 holes on the wall, screw the metal bracket on and attach this shelf in the sky. Easy right?

I don’t know why, but I keep feeling scared that it might fall down one day. Must constantly remind myself to check if the shelf is slanting.


  1. hmmm.. you need to hire a mechanical engineering consultant to calculate the weight distribution of the shelf so that it will stay safe there…


  2. CC: If the consultant is free, why not? 😀

    Bobo: Yeap, its from ikea. Just scare the screw loose.

    nttup: Top right corner. 😛

  3. You’ve only got a small stereo unit and come CDs on the shelf, from the look of it, so it should be fine. Is the wall concrete? Even better. Just make sure you used the right screws for the material you drilled into. If it is a thin wall you’ll need those screws that expand on the inside. Even though I am Swedish I still say its not the IKEA shelf, its all in the screws. 😛 Don’t worry.

  4. Pixelated Dragon: Which explains why Ikea doesn’t sells the screw for the shelf. If anything goes wrong, they can blame it on the screw that I got. Haha.

    Hope the screw are strong enough. Else I’m really screwed. 😀

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