Simple life

Sometimes, I wish I could lead a simple life. Carefree and easy. Just don’t care about what is happening around me. Forget about all the chasing for financial freedom. Wouldn’t life be good?

Perhaps I have been working for too long. I think I need a break from work. Maybe one month or two. Just be jobless, enjoy life a little and do the stuff that I wanted to do. Like hanging out at cafe on weekday while everyone is at work. Or staying at home to surf net or learn something by myself.

Went for a ad hoc chill out session with Ridz, Jean and Alice just now. I think I could really enjoy this kind of lifestyle. Not worrying about work the next day. Just have a good time at starbucks. But you know you can’t live this lifestyle without money. End of the day, you still need to find means to earn some money.

I know I have been saying this every year when my contract is ending, but I think this time I’ll really stop renewing. Just take a month break to relax before finding a new job.

Will I finally stop renewing my contract this time round?


  1. Coming soon in March right?

    Still remember my previous comment about that.

    Haaa haaa, not easy to walk out of the loop, but once you are out, you might see a brand new world.

  2. Take time off to find your direction. At times we were so busy that we haven’t the time to readjust our focus in life. Its not just the journey, the destination which can be reached only by correct direction counts too.

  3. after my recent trip to chiang mai, i really feel like our city life is a bit meaningless and aimless with the routine.

    I would think you should take a break after your contract ends. How long have you had a long holiday since you left school?

    After lazing for a while, you will miss work.

  4. I agree with the others’ comments. I’m also speaking from a practical perspective – as in,

    1) You are still young (you are 27/28 right?) with no commitments so you can still afford to do it

    2) You are in the IT industry right? Which makes it quite easy for you to find another job after your break, that is, if you wan to go back to the same industry.

    Take care.

  5. HJ: Don’t remember. Later i go dig archives. 😛

    Susan: Thx.

    CC: I don’t think I’m the type that will miss work after lazing for awhile. I’ll only miss the money. 😛

  6. I was also in this dilemma.. I guess no harm to go travelling a little to destress. After all I think we deserve it. For me, I will be going to BKK,KL and Cambodia in the next 2 months to destress. I hope to glean something from life other than work achievement..

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