Which part of “I’m not interested" do you not understand?

Got a call from a telemarketer today.

TM: Hi, I’m calling from ABC company on behalf of XYZ bank.
Me: Yes? (Thinking to myself that this must be another credit card call)
TM: Sir, we would like to offer you a one year subscription free platinum card from XYZ bank.
Me: Sorry, I’m not interested in a new credit card.
TM: Sir, do you have a credit card with XYZ bank?
Me: Yes, but I’m not interested in getting another card from your bank. (Wish he would just hang up)
TM: May I know what card is that? Is it a gold or platinum?
Me: Sorry, but I’m not interested in your credit card. (Getting abit pissed off already)
TM: Sir, this is one year subscription free platinum card.
Me in an angry tone: Which part of “I’m not interested” do you not understand?
TM: Oh, sorry Sir, goodbye, have a nice day.
Me: Bye.

I’m usually nice to telemarketers on the phone. After all, it’s not an easy job. Why make their life miserable? I don’t like to waste their time. Once I know what product they selling and I have no use for it, I just tell them straight that I’m not interested in it and wait for them to put down the phone. Most of the time they will get it and put down the phone shortly.

Well….. Most of them except this one.


  1. Tianhong: What if they have discount with some of the bookshops leh? haha.

    KM: Hmmm…. would you like to buy my DK card too? 😀

  2. most of the time, i let them explain the whole promo thingy, den aft that I’ll tell them I’m not interested….

    dun deprive them a chance for explaining…

  3. Sometimes, it is best not to waste your time and the other guy’s time. I just said a quick “thank you, I do not want it” and disconnect the line.

    Of course, sometimes, you get a little pissed and ask where they get our handphone numbers.

  4. Can’t blame them for trying to sell their product but sometimes they just don’t know when to back off.

    Worst are those who called 2-3 times per week selling the same product.

  5. Astro: OK, but I don’t think there is a need to lie. Just tell them that I’m not interested. Most of them will get the hint. 🙂

    Hendri: Then record the conversation and post it right? Haha… that is evil.

    Furfur: Cause I’m sure I’m not interested. That why don’t wanna waste his time and my time.

  6. Spyer: The telemarketer will never know how the company got the number. Sometimes the credit card company (Or their salesperson) exchange contacts.

    Motd: I also ganna before from some company that call several times in a week. I told the person to add me to the “do not call” list, but they still call. Then I reminded them that I can actually log a report and have them sued. So they stop calling already. 😀

  7. eh i am not lying though. i am currently a student and i am not qualified for the credit cards.

    Guess they still have my previous employed status..hahaa

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