Reading Steve Job's keynote

Well, since it’s impossible to get live video of the keynote by Steve Jobs, I turn to reading the keynote from the blogs. There are several live blog this time round like Macrumors, Engadget, Gizmondo and Mac Observer.

This is how I read the keynote.

(Took me awhile to upload this picture. Think a lot of people are blogging about the keynote)

My iMac to read the 4 websites and laptop to discuss the items on shoutbox with the rest of the guys.

Twitter went down the moment Steve took the stage. Engadget and gizmondo are rather laggy and went down several times. Mac Observer is slow in updating. The best live blogging site this year is macrumors. Follow by shoutbox. Haha.

So the Macbook Air rumor is true. Almost everything is the same as the rumor.
But the most crappy thing is, US is selling at US$1799 while Singapore is selling at SG$2988.
WAH CIAO! Which exchange rates you all using? I thought USD to SGD exchange rate has drop a lot already?

Overall, Macbook Air looks impressive. But too expensive. Eee PC can live another day.

Something is indeed in the air.
OK, I should log off and go to bed. Still need to work tomorrow. Damn… why can’t Steve Jobs choose a better timing for his keynotes?


  1. Actually, $2988 is just about right if you factor in 8% – 9% of tax (in U.S. prices stated often don’t include tax) and a convertion rate of 1 USD to 1.47 SGD.

  2. Yup, overpriced in my opinion. Good to have but not a must cos a MBP wins it hands down in terms of feature.

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