Sometimes I feel that I’m working in the same office as Dilbert

We have a crappy software in our company that keep hitting the same error. But since the software is only used internally and does not affect customers, the priority to fix it is lowest. Still in queue I guess, except we don’t know when it will ever be fixed.

Whenever we hit that error, we will need to email to the person in charge to inform him and get him to reset the server. Usually we email him the error message too. But it’s always the same error message. So after hitting that error countless times this week, I decided to just keep the email short and sweet.

Hi, same error occurred again. Pls rectify. Thx.

I thought it’s quite straight forward. Since this is the only type of error that the program will encounter. On top of that, I’m replying on the same email that is talking about this issue. So one look and you should know that it is THAT error. But no lor, the person in charge replied saying

Please copy and paste the error message.

Hello, same error means same error message leh.

Now you know why I keep doing the “face on table” thingy in my office.


  1. Labbit: Eeerrr…. I’ll stick my face on the table if there is really a SOP for this lor. Its a simple process. Someone tell you apps got problem, u go reset the server. Simple task like that also SOP? Will die man.

  2. Yeah lah. At times you may not like it but procedures are there to be followed. Its fair, imagine if he done something different instead and then you can go back and say you didnt ask him to do that. It can get messy, so always make things clear. There must be mutual respect at work place. Cheers.

  3. Some companies are ISO certified, which means they have a standard set of working procedures for doing everything. So you see that everything in the office is documented, like how to operate a coffee machine in the pantry, how to use a microwave oven.

    Stupid, but ISO sounds impressive, so companies still go for it.

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