1. Hey DK,

    She didn’t tell me but from the twitters, I think I know who you’re talking about.

    She asked me for my opinion before, I told her I don’t know you enough but you seem like a nice person. I see that you’ve got some nasty comments but if you’re comfortable with yourself…heck them lah. I believe that a relationship is between two people. And nobody know any better (although there are cases where the lovelorn is completely blind and irrational)

    That said, I don’t think it was fair to share her personal stuff on your blog. I would have been pissed off if I were her.

  2. Pris: I realised that I was wrong to write about her. I’ve apologised to her and removed that entry.

    Yes, I know you told her that you don’t know me enough and therefore didn’t comment on me. Thanks. If only everyone could be just like you.

  3. DK : If you dont want others to know, then don;t blog about it lah. You blog it openly then ask others not to tell, then now bitch a bout them???

    You yourself made a wrong move by blogging about it haven;t you see the picture yet??

    You admitted yourself that you are far from being irrelevant from what people had been talking about you. If what people are discussing about you are the truth, then who are you to stop them? Did they lie? Did they distort the truth? IF they did not, then you have no right to stop anyone from spreading anything about you. You dont want people to know anything? Just dont tell anyone. Trust nobody except yourself.

    This relationship if causes you too much pain, let it go. Learn from it, improve yourself, you afraid no girls anymore meh?!?!?! Girls are aplenty, just need you to be worthy of them. If you are worthy , they are pushing themself to you, not the other way round.

    Hope you take things easy. We all dont like to lose but at least be a good loser, and try better next round. Good luck!

  4. I did read the entry before it’s removed and I was like…..uh oh, DK is gonna invite not-so-nice comments again. BUT, I refrained from commenting because, I don’t want to get another finger from DK again!

    What makes me want to comment now is – I really applaud Gina’s comment!

    I reckon Gina is your friend and I am just so glad that she’s being frank and candid with you, as a friend should be!

    Take care!

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