Peak hour madness – thanks to a maintenance train

Jurong East MRT station was in a total mess yesterday morning. The maintenance train breakdown at Tampines not only disrupt service between Pasir Ris to Tanah Merah, it also created a havoc along the whole East-West line.

By the way, SMRT claims that it was due to a maintenance train breakdown. But from the picture of the maintenance train, it looks more like it accidently crashed into another maintenance train infront of it. (Or maybe it’s just me)

I need to transfer train at Jurong East station everyday. Usually, it is very hard to get off the train at Jurong East because there are lots of people wanting to board the train that I’m alighting. And yesterday was worst. Just look at the picture.

You really need some American Football skill to get pass all these people and exit the train. Nobody bother to give way to alighting passenger despite the PA system’s repeated brainwashing announcement.

Don’t you all see the problem? If everyone clears a passage way for people to get off the train, the boarding can be much faster and there will be lesser delays.


  1. SC – u shld see the peak hr crowds in KL, at least they queue. i can send u the pic if u want…we r behing our neighbours…freakin ks Singaporeans

  2. I can only say of these pple trying to rush in before pple can come out and thus DELAYING EVERYONE… 笨是没得救的…

  3. SC: Yes, please email the pic to me. 🙂

    Jas: Yeap yeap… 笨是没得救的.

    tianhong: But Monday was worst than usual due to the train breakdown at Tampines.

  4. Bo pian what. Even if want to step aside for people coming outside, the bloody bell that beeps and says ‘door closing’ after a few seconds is very traumatising. That’s why we all rush.

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