Never say hi to your friend if you see him working at a roadshow

Was kinda surprised to see my friend at my office lift lobby yesterday. He is working for a bank promoting credit cards. So I tap his shoulder and said Hi to him.

Well, I did expect him to try to sell the credit card to me. But I wasn’t interested in it. So I rejected him nicely. But seriously, he is quite a hardcore salesman. Simply can’t take no for an answer. So he keep telling me to sign up and I keep tell him not interested. Didn’t really catch up with him actually. Just him trying to sell the card and me rejecting it. I mean, there is a time when no really means no.

It was so bad that he even called me on my handphone today to tell me that he will be back to my office lobby today and ask me to help him sign up. Wah lao. Cannot take no as an answer one leh. I have to lie to tell him that I got meeting and be rushing around. Sigh.

DK, next time, never say hi to your friend if you see him working at a roadshow. You are just asking for it. The worst thing is, I cannot say: Which part of “I’m not interested” do you not understand?.


  1. Haha, I had a similar experience. A person my club used to work with jumped ship to insurance company.

    Since then he tried to contact me to sell an insurance plan. He got the hint when I told him I’d get back to him, which I never did. 😛

  2. Not just credit card sales people. Insurance too. And they wonder why they have not many friends. They practically scare everyone away!

  3. haha. I’m glad my fren never did that to me. tt’s one thing I like about her. nonetheless, everyone has our own way of managing our finance. Not all insurance can settle every financial problem.

    In the end, they’re just another company trying to earn commission from us.

    For me, it’s better to invest in stocks. Of cos not now.

  4. This reminds me. Never, NEVER walk past a friend’s shop too. I ended up buying 6 months supply of Maggie Mee The last time I did that. Gah.

    Rejecting a friend is indeed very, very hard haha. Cheers!

  5. Slutty: You forgot MLM. 😛

    Tianhong: Now is a good time since everything is falling. But also very dangerous time too. haha.

    Suspicious man: 6mth supply of Maggie mee? Wow.

  6. Your friend must be sibei desperate to be pushing sales to his friends lor… I really hate this kind of people.

    You should have told him “Eh, we are friends. If you give me 5 year fee waiver then ok lor, I sign up.” *LOL*

  7. if only credit card, i dun mind signing up.. coz it is free, and i can help that friend earns commission also.

    but if insurance etc which must pay, i hv to make careful judgement

  8. Yes, these people will always try to sell something to you. It can be very irritating for it can take up some of your time. Some of their efforts may even border to being harassing.

    But, please remember that they are also trying to make a living, just like you and me. Yes, there are many other jobs around but sometimes, some of them have little choice but to do what they need to do.

    At least, they are not trying to cheat or steal to survive. They still need their chance to live a life, just like any of us.

    We can decline their offers politely, let’s not to be too angry about it. Sometimes, we need to step into their shoes.

  9. Ben: But you need to go thru the hassle of filling up the forms. Then all the junk mails that comes with the card. Then when annual fees come in, need to get it waived etc etc.

    Rather avoid it.

  10. Spyer: Yes, they are making a living. But I guess there is a point where they should realise that this sales is not going thru and they should stop the hard selling.

    Didn’t get angry with him. He is still my friend afterall.

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