Hey, is this your picture?

A ex colleague send me a MSN message just now.

Hey, is this your picture? :S http://www.msnimages.net/images/viewimage.php?=xxx@hotmail.com

It looks fishy. I suspect it is a virus. But I still clicked on it.
The file was downloaded to my computer and it wasn’t a picture file at all.

You must be thinking that I’m crazy. Suspected virus still click.
Well, 114,000 known viruses for PC. But not mac.

If you caught the virus, here is how you remove it. Not sure if it works cause I don’t have the virus to begin with. Let me know if you tried it.

Download MsnCleaner.zip to your Desktop.
Extract the content of MsnCleaner.zip to your Desktop.
Reboot into Safe Mode
Double-click MsnCleaner.exe to run it.
Click the Analyze button.
A report will be created once after you finish scan.
If it finds an infection, click the Deleted button.


I always feel that Mac is very vulnerable. More and more people are using Mac OS. Everyone thinks that there is no virus for Mac and most Mac users doesn’t have a virus scan. (Me inclusive) All it takes is for someone to write a good virus for Mac OS that spread around Mac users and we are in deep shit.


  1. Oh yea! I got that too many times from a friend.. I only dared to open it because I was on a mac..

    But you are right, now Mac users need to be more careful. Though the OS is designed to be better, so hopefully it won’t be that easy to write viruses for Macs..

    Oh and there are Mac Anti-Virus Solutions already like http://www.clamxav.com/ :p

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