Sleeping disorder

I think I’m having some sleeping disorder.

I sleep at around 2:30 to 3am everyday. Not that I don’t want to sleep earlier, but I don’t feel sleepy at night. And since I’m sleeping late, I usually wake up late for work too. I need to wake up at around 7am each day. But I end up waking up at as late as 8:30am. (I start work at 8:30am) That explains that big stack of taxi receipt in my drawer. And no, I can’t claim taxi fare for being late in the morning.

The thing is, I’m usually sleepy in the morning and early afternoon. But I become awake in the late afternoon and night time. You must be wondering how did I survive with 4 hours of sleep each day. Well, I slept for 8 to 10 hours during weekends. Which I think make up for the lost sleep during the weekdays.

I keep waking up late lately. It is so bad that I have to set 2 alarm clock, 1 handphone and 1 radio to wake me up today. And it almost didn’t work until Class 95 decided to play a song by Spice Gals. Yes, their horrible music woke me up today. I doubt they will be playing Spice Gals again tomorrow morning. What am I going to do?

Do I need to seek medical attention?


  1. Force yourself to sleep way earlier. It will be hard to get used to it for a few days. After that you should be fine.

    Drink something like milk to calm your nerves, condensed milk drink… and don’t do anything mind boggling, or things that upset you.

    🙂 It worked for me. I hope it works for u too

  2. Cut down on caffeine and soft drinks intake and try to rest early, once you feel tired and yawning, just lie down on your bed and relax.

    Or take a walk around your neighborhood right after dinner 🙂

  3. Sounds like me.

    I’m always energetic and lively once it approaches sunset. But in the mornings and early afternoons, my eyelids get heavy. I think it’s the weather. Either that or I just have screwed up body clock. :p

    Get people to call you multiple times as wake-up call. Some of my friends make me do that for that. =_=”

  4. Yes, you definitely have a sleep disorder.

    Fortunately it can be cured by going to bed earlier and lying there, regardless of whether or not you feel sleepy. Effects should be seen in a few days.

  5. Hey DK, what you can do is exercise an hour after dinner. To keep your body blood moving.

    And then before attempting to sleep, do some stretching first. It will help you knock off good.

  6. What happened was probably because of late nights, your body clock is adjusted to sleep at a later time. Therefore you are not tired when it is suppose to be time for some sleep, which i presume is around 10-11pm originally?

    You can adjust your body clock back easily. Just spend one of the night, miss the entire sleep, all the way till the evening of the next day. The time you sleep on this evening would be the time you would feel sleepy the next day, and so on. Hope it helps.

  7. Nicole: don’t do anything mind boggling, or things that upset at night? Eeeerrr…. abit hard.

    xinyun: Can’t cut down on caffine leh. Else I’ll be walking zombie.

    furfur: I don’t want to wake up with cold sweat every morning.

  8. Shelly: Somehow I feel that wakeup call will not work on me anymore since HP alarm can’t wake me up also.

    tstar: but what if I end up flipping in bed for few hr?

    Paddy: Ya… I think I should also take this as an excuse to work out.

  9. Doctor: Interesting suggestion. Maybe I’ll try. BTW: are you really a doc?

    Kenny: Maybe. Hmmm… perhaps I should find a job that does night shift. 🙂

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