Cooking Wonton with DK

OK, I know this CP Shrimp Wonton has been out in the market for very long. But the mountain tortise me only tried it for the first time last sunday. I was hungry in the afternoon and was hunting for food in my fridge when I saw this in the freezer. Perfect food for a cold rainy afternoon.

I knew cooking this wonton is easy, but I didn’t expect it to be THIS easy. Just boil water, pour the powder for soup base, put the Wonton in, wait 3 minutes and you have a bowl of hot wonton.

It is that simple. There is another version which is like cup noodles. All you need is to pour hot water into the bowl of wonton. Imagine, no pot and bowl to wash after eating. Perfect for a cold lazy afternoon.

If DK can cook, so can you!

PS: This is not a paid advertisement.


  1. The dumplings taste horrible. The garlic taste in the soup is too strong. The prawn taste like rubber. I guess that is the best microwave food can do.

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