Slim River Bus Crash

I know I shouldn’t be interfering with other’s internal affairs. But maybe just want to bring your attention to this incident that occurred recently over at our neighboor. It’s sad to see 3 young innocent life lost in a road accident. The bus driver has 13 summonses and he is still on the road driving a bus. This is crazy.

Innocent lives are continuously being lost on our roads.

It’s not fair for us to constantly live in fear every time we get on a bus, not knowing if we’ll reach our destination alive.

As students, we are not able to afford plane tickets or drive our own cars.

We don’t want to live in fear. We have a future, too.

This accident could have been prevented.

If you are a Malaysian, do sign the petition.
I wish I could sign too, but I’m a Singaporean. Guess all I can do is to help spread the words. Although I don’t think I got many Malaysian readers here.

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  1. You’ll be surprised.

    Lots of malaysians at

    Now i don’t think many malaysians read my blog, but i’ll post it anyway.

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