Advertisement that pissed you off

Sometimes, you just happen to see some ads that pissed you off so much that you curse and swear at the company for commissioning such ads. Take this for example.

(OK, I know the image sucks. But I have to make it quick before the SMRT staff saw me taking photos and start questioning me as if I’m a terrorist planning to blow up the train station with these photos. Anyway, it’s a picture of a MRT train window.)

The MRT window is there for a reason. It’s for you to see which stop are you at if you didn’t catch the PA announcement (Cause the cabin is too noisy or the PA is too soft).

When you block 1/3 of the freaking window, you only cause inconvenience to the audience that you are targetting. That is not a very good way to convince people in buying your products.


  1. lol, most of the time i can’t catch the next stop announcement, especially on the older kawasaki model. They really should learn from hk, have the route map that has light bulb lighting up to indicate which is the next stop.

    (then they will have excuse for fare hike)

  2. Even those with half the window dissected in half either horizontally or vertically are bad enough. Buses have the same problems too.

  3. I hate to say this but money makes the world go round.
    From an advertiser’s point of view, the bigger, the more eye-catching it is, easier for pple to spot and read. If it’s too small, pple won’t bother. The bigger, the more impactful and thus, (hopefully) more sales.
    From a media/transport provider point of view, the more space I offer you, the more I earn. (Can check advertising rates online through the websites of these transport providers)

    BUT, sometimes it irritates us. We take transport because it brings us from one place to another, not to view or rather get block by loads of advertisements. Sigh…

  4. Yeah Annoying Ad that blocked the scenery from Chinese garden to Lakeside. That why we should buy mutual funds instead of parking our money in insurance which coincidentally funded the last NKF fiasco and get a lot of personal information about the contributors.

  5. Moby: Same here!! Haha.
    But don’t talk too soon. Wait Prudential put up an advertisement that cover 1/2 the window. Haha.

    CC: Don’t suggest that hor. Wait price hike again.

    Sicarii: Don’t get me started on the buses.

  6. Paced: Yes, of cause everyone wants their ads to be shown clearly. But when your ads pissed off your targetted audience, do you think you can convert those ads to sales? I doubt so. And I hope the marketing dept get that idea too. 🙂

  7. furfur: Yeap, I know. The company that is allowed to put colourful cows all over the place, including the side of expressway. While others aren’t allowed to put anything by the side of the road as they will “distract drivers”, Take Crime library as an example.

    How irony. Oh wait, moove media own by govt. Now that explains why the cow are allowed to breed all over the place.

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