Taiwan Celebrities Criticise Singaporean English

I always thought our English standards is much higher than theirs. Frankly speaking, if your English standards is good, you have every rights to criticise us. Why don’t you guys try hosting that show in English?

Your thought you england very the powderful meh?

But then, I don’t know which part of Singapore did those celebrities visit. I’ve never heard anyone spoken in such a manner. Must be some remote part of Singapore where the people speak differently. After all, Singapore is one big red dot on the map. Or maybe their Taiwanese ear wax causes our “Thanks” to sound like “Dance”.


  1. Thanks usually sound more like ‘tanks’ Where got sound like ‘dance’? And I think ‘Dance’ should be pronounced as ‘dar-ns’ instead.

  2. Errr… Did they speak to the Thai or Philipinos in SG?

    How the fxxx can our THANKS be pronounced as DANCE?


    As if their England very the good lor.

  3. Sounds like they communicate to those uncles and aunties at our kopitiam and thought that is how we speak english.

    The show is for entertainment purposes so let’s don’t take it to heart.

  4. ROAR, this is something to do with national pride already!!

    We can speak perfect english if we choose to, that’s the thing. They can’t even if they try hard.

  5. @motd: I agree with you. But i also think they spoke to people where English is their 2nd language.

    Their intonation were quite accurate of how Singaporeans and Malaysian speak English. Not many foreigners get the intonation right.

    I am inclined to embrace this peculiarity of our Singaporean English. Feeling ashamed of Singlish is to be ashamed of being Singaporean. We laugh about this, but its stories like this that endears us to our neighbours – singapore isn’t so flawless after all.

    Food for thought.

  6. kekeek..i blogged about this too.. 🙂

    damn irritating..these clowns can’t even speak a proper sentence in english..

  7. miccheng,

    Your food is quite good. Most people on the ground know that Singapore has its flaws. It is the loudhailer type of announcements (by our esteemed and honourable government) that tell the whole wide world that we are number one(s) in everything. That we have a good and honest government, that we has a flawless world here. And people start to believe in this type of loudhailer noise.

    Nothing is ever perfect.

    Every country has its own accent of spoken English, be it being their native language or not. What we need to think about is how efficient are we and others in communicating with the rest of the world using English.

  8. Wow dk when I watched the tv in taiwan they had 120 channels, so they had more opportunities to express themselves for the sake speaking out.

    The tour guide felt that they are more fortunate than Singapore because they had more tv channels , more entertainnment, so with more expressions likely to lead to?

    When a person(s)at times it might depend on their moods, when they are happier they are likely to speak more positively?

  9. It is true that singapore english is laughable. You wouldn’t realise it until you step out of the country and converse with people in english for a period of time and then come back in.

    It is the tone of the last syllabus of every word that makes it so uniquely Singapore.

  10. DK do you believe that Cantonese can’t understand what a Cantonese speak.

    I think I might not understand what some of my seniors in China speak (see yeap) a form form of Cantonese.

  11. You might find the Japanese form of English strange.

    Once I went to a Jap noodle shop in Tokyo, I saw the Jap words Bird noodle on the menu. I tried to produce it in Chinese.

    The lady(Singaporean) beside me got offended, she thought that I am using some vulgar words?

  12. “偶” – 我
    “姓胡” – 幸福。


    我们都不觉得怎么好笑。他们怎么笑我们的英文了呢? 好笑!

  13. Taiwanese speak predominately US English, that’s why they pronouce ‘dance’ somewhat like ‘dense’, similar to our ‘thanks’. For us, we speak Queen’s English, hence our thanks is definitely nowhere similar to their dance!


  14. Well Every country have their accents and I’m kind of glad that Taiwanese noticed this trait in the kangxi laile show. But the thing is difference is good,Would you like to live in a place where everyone conform…… scratch that We are living it :(.

  15. Onlooker

    I agreed with you they then to more expressive, as human need to be creative and open to advance, they have 120 channels of tv, this is awesome!

  16. Were you trying to write this particular blog entry in correct English? There are 5 grammatical errors in your first 5 sentences. Gosh. I’m worried we’re starting to look even worse now.

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