Happy Birthday Everyone!

According to Chinese traditions, today is 人日 (Ren Ri) or Human Day. Which means it’s all human’s birthday! Happy birthday everyone. 🙂

I was reading the Wikipedia and found a very interesting write up on Ren Ri. Ren Ri falls on the 7th day after Chinese New Year. According to Chinese legend, earth was created by 女媧 (Nu Wa). She created different animals on different days and human were created on the 7th day. But we all know that this is just a myth. And the most interesting thing is that chicken was created on the first day of Chinese New Year. Which means chicken’s birthday is on the first day of Chinese New Year. OK, own up, who ate chicken on their birthday? Hahaha. Me guilty.

How do you celebrate Ren Ri? Have you tried Lo Hei with Abalone before? 😀


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