The Writers Strike is Officially Over

Save the Script Writers, Save the world.

The writers strike is officially over! The world has been saved. The strike which started on 5th November 2007 is officially over on 13 February 2008. Screenwriters can go back to work on their project from now.

Heroes will return for the 3rd season to save the world this coming fall. It’s a long wait, but worth the wait. Season 2 was badly done because of the strike. I sure hope they can take their time to give us a better season 3 to make up for the poor done season 2.

Now that the Script Writers has been saved, it’s time to save the cheer leader again. (OK, maybe they don’t need to save the cheer leader in Season 3)


  1. agreed. it was a rather rocky season 2.. especially the ending.. Nathan Petrelli? hope to see more of him too -)

    and now our Heroes joy will be back!

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