Warning to all flower delivery guys

Today is Valentine’s day. As usual, lots of guys will send flowers to the gal’s office. I posted an article about how gals prefer to receive flowers in the office. Look, if you going to send flowers to her, why not send to office where her colleagues will be envy of her and potential admirers would know that she is happily attached. Do read that article, I find it very interesting. 🙂

Anyway, just a warning to all flower delivery guys who are delivering flowers to my office. Try not to piss off the admin.

One flower delivery guy came over today morning and almost didn’t make it out of my office alive.

I open the door for the flower delivery guy since I was closer to the door and the admin was busy. He asked if I know where is AAA sitting. Problem is, I don’t know who is AAA. Before you start blaming me for not knowing all my colleagues, let me say that my office is huge. VERY HUGE. Check out the photos of my office if you don’t believe. I never really count, but I guess there are enough tables for 300 people. On top of that, some of the people here are our vendors. It is impossible for anyone here to know everybody.

So I told the flower delivery guy that I don know the person and ask if he has that person’s telephone number. I told him that this is a very big office and impossible for us to know everybody her. Instead of checking his delivery order to find the gal’s telephone number, he points his finger at the admin and said “Can ask that gal if she know?” Good luck to you man. You are brave to try to piss off the admin.

“How I know who is AAA? You think I staff directory huh? This office so big where to find her? You think I so free go and help you find people ah? Somemore this delivery is not for work purpose. You don’t have the telephone number huh? Cannot call her is it?” Blah blah blah blah. And the scolding goes on and on and on.

I siam back to my seat while the poor delivery guy continues to be blasted by the admin. No, the admin isn’t in a bad mood because today is Valentine’s day and she didn’t get any flowers. She is always like that.

So, just a warning to all delivery guys coming to my office. Don’t piss off the admin. When someone tells you to phone the person, you better phone that person. Asking the admin will only give you a horrible death.

You have been warned.


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day DK! If you’re afraid of freaking H out by sending roses, why not choose other flowers then? One that represent friendship? Or happiness?

    Sunflowers brightens up one’s day I feel, and yet not so “lovey dovey”. Just a thought that’s all! 🙂

  2. trendinsights: I don’t pity him actually. Cause I already asked him to call the person on the phone. Oh well. 😛

    Kloudiia: Happy Valentine’s day to you too. H? Errr… that blog entry was written 2 years ago. Now no more H already. Haha.

    Anonymous_x: The DHL ads very unrealistic. 😛

  3. hahaha, i wonder if there’s a school where our admins and office managers go.. they really know how to take care of themselves!

    i would never piss my office manager off.. she is the backbone of my company -)

  4. Brian: Perhaps there is a common module in their diploma/degree course on how to protect themselves?

    But seriously, the last person you want to pissed off in the office should be the admin. He/she is the one who process all your claims/leaves etc etc.

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