How I spend my Valentine's Day

Surprisingly, I managed to have a good time on Valentine’s Day despite my single status. At first I thought it was going to be a ruined day because of some last minutes changes here and there which causes lots of unnecessary confusion. In the end, we stick back to the old plan.

Went halfway round Singapore to fetch 2 ladies. End up reaching Raffles City pretty late. The rest of the “Single Support Group Members” were there already. Since the guys already had their dinner, I went dinner with 3 very beautiful ladies.

And the thing is, all 3 of them are single. I wonder what good deeds have I done for the past one year to deserve such good rewards. Thank you to the guy upstair.

Dinner was great. We were cracking jokes while having our late dinner. One of the funniest joke is about the meaning behind the number of roses.

She: What does 3 roses stands for?
Me: I love you.
She: What does 12 roses stands for?
Me: I’m richer than the guy who send 3 roses.
She: Then what does 99 roses stands for?
Me: I’m the richest of them all.
She What about 999 roses?
Me: I’m just trying to sabo you, see how you going to carry them home.

Hahaha…. OK, kinda crappy. In case you are interested, here is the REAL meaning behind the number of roses.

Didn’t expect my Valentine’s Day to turn out so well. This is the first time that I actually enjoyed Valentine’s Day when I’m single.


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