U.S. spy satellite expected to crash back to Earth soon

A U.S. spy satellite expected to crash back to Earth soon. USA 193 is an American military spy satellite owned by the National Reconnaissance Office. The craft’s precise function and purpose are classified. The satellite lost contact with the ground less than a month after launch in Dec 06. It is on deteriorating orbit and that the object was expected to
crash into the Earth within weeks.

They have no idea where it will land. To make things worst, it contains hazardous materials.

I guess it’s time to call Bruce Willis

OK, I’m just kidding. The impact won’t be as big as armageddon. But if the satellite hit a city, it’s going to cause lots of damage.

Anyway, United States Navy is preparing to destroy it with a missile before it hit earth. So I guess we don’t need to worry about space junk hitting us.


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