Mua Chee anyone?

Alice, Edmund, Jean and I went chinatown on Chinese New Year eve just before midnight to check out the firecrackers and squeeze with the crowd. The store owners are clearing their stocks and alot of things are selling at dirt cheap.

We couldn’t resist when we pass by the Mua Chee store. It’s really crazy out there. The 4 of us decided to each fork out $10 to buy $40 worth of Mua Chee. It’s as if war is coming and we are stocking up Mua Chee as rations.

Had a great time at Edmund’s place dividing the Mua Chee among ourselves after the Chinatown trip. This is the amount of Mua Chee we got that night.

I still got a lot of Mua Chee at home. I even bought some to office to pass to my colleagues.

Mua Chee anyone?
(PS: Don’t get me started on the Kum)

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