Will I renew my contract?

It’s the time of the year when everyone, including myself, will be asking if I’m going to renew my contract. Yes, my contract with my current company will expire in March. In fact, I’ve been counting down to this date since early Dec 07. Look at the latest stats now.

My team lead told me that the company will be renewing my contract. No surprise here since the company virtually renew everybody’s contract unless they really cannot make it. The thing is, HR department haven’t approached me regarding the new contract. Well, HR always cock up. I remember they actually forgot to renew someone’s contract until last few days when everybody starts to panic. Sometimes I wonder if there is a module on “How to cock up” in HR degree and diploma. They seem to excel in this area. And since the error is internal, they usually don’t need to answer to the top. I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut and see how long will HR take to notice that my contract is ending. This should be fun.

I know I’ve been saying that I don’t want to renew my contract for many years already. But every time I say I don’t want to renew my contract, something will pop out, making me renew my contract and work for another year. So let’s just say that the feeling of not renewing is getting stronger each year.

And I know there is no use for me replying those questions. If I say I don’t want to renew my contract, people will say I’ve been saying that for many years already and I will surely renew. Well, if you think I’ll surely renew my contract, then why still ask me that question? Haha.

Oh well, we’ll see how it goes in 21 days time.


  1. 别担心。听天由命吧。万一公司没跟你续签的话,应该出来闯一闯。觉得你蛮有智慧和本事。祝你好运。保重。

  2. Precious: Got a couple of plans.

    莫强求: Company will 100% renew me. The question is whether I want to renew or not.

    estee: Sorry, have to delete your comment cause I don’t want people to know my company name. (Google can search in comments too. scary)

    No, the benefits not good.

  3. Got some hints on the 10mil TOTO this Thur…
    3 (expire in March)
    12 (early dec 07)
    7 (early dec 07)

    If strike, dun need to worry about contract or work. Huat Ah!!!!

  4. Anon1: Haha. I haven’t buy Toto yet.

    Anon2: Problogger? Me not good enough. Cannot earn much. Although it seems like a fun job. 😀

  5. I dont like to work under contract, unless the company is good enough for my own developement. Without contract, we are free to jump from one comp to another better comp…

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