I'm glad I stop using Nokia Phones

I still remember my first handphone is a Nokia 6110. It was the best phone around during that time. Few years later, I upgraded to a Nokia 6510. And after that, a Nokia 6230. That when I gave up on Nokia.

Firstly, the service centre was horrible. And to make things worst, Nokia released a Nokia 6230i, which is exactly the same as my Nokia 6230, except for a better camera. Felt so cheated when I buy the Nokia 6230.

So I switched to Sony Ericsson K750i. I never regretted that move. I’m now on my second Sony Ericsson phone, K800i, and I’m loving the handphone’s camera and MP3.

Sony Ericsson phones are not without flaws. They are well known to have problem with the joystick and keypad. In fact, I just send my Sony Ericsson for repair last Aug because of that. But I was impressed by the service level at the Sony Ericsson service centre. The waiting time is short. They have to keep my phone for a few days, but everything was repaired after that.

I’m so glad that I’m using Sony Ericsson.

Some Nokia user aren’t so lucky.

I won a battle against Nokia

I finally won the battle against Nokia Pte Ltd.

I bought a Nokia phone in Aug 2007 through Starhub with 24months contract at $388.

The phone was not functioned properly in the very first week. I tried to ask for a one to one exchange and was replied, “Nokia has no such policy”. I got no choice but to send to Nokia Care Centre for repair.

Between Aug 2007 and Nov 2007, countless of visitation and many phone call were made to Nokia. So much time was wasted but the phone was getting from bad to worst.

I gave warning to Nokia that I was considering to file a claim against them through Small Claim Tribunal. I finally took action as there was no proper follow up from Nokia after one month.

Nokia authorized a young girl to come for the first consultation and then in default of attending before the Tribunal for the rest.

I finally won the case and was awarded $778 by Small Claim Tribunal in 18 Dec 2007.

Nokia was given 15 days to make the settlement, but they did not respond to me.

I called to check about it on 22 Jan 2008, and Nokia said that they did not receive such notice.

I went to their HQ the next day, after presenting the Order of Tribunal to the Manager, he finally agree to pay. However, Nokia would pay me if only I agreed to sign a conditional letter. They wanted to keep my mouth shut and I was not allowed to disclose this claim to any third party. I refused as they had no right to impose any condition because this was not an out of court settlement.

I then applied for WSS (Writ of Seizure and Sale) the next day. An appointment date was scheduled on 11 Feb 2008.

I accompany the bailiff officer to Nokia HQ. Nokia was then given two options by the bailiff officer. One was to make settlement and the other one was let the bailiff officer to sticker their movable assets.

They finally woke up and agree to make payment. By then, they got to pay $1,018.43 instead of $778.

By sharing this experience, I hope that many have a better idea of what to do if encounter similar situation in the future.

Many of us wouldn’t want to take the trouble to make such claim. Some may have no time, and some may think that Nokia is such a big company and no point goes against them.

The Relations Manager of Nokia, Ms Serene Teo, told me that I won’t be able to win the case and the most I could only get back $388. This was what she believed, but she was wrong.

Can’t believe that they made such a big error. When someone has the Order of Tribunal, the only thing that you should do is pay the amount stated. If you try to be funny, he can always apply for a Writ of Seizure and Sale which you will have sticker pasted on your assets.

That won’t be a nice sight.

Another SPUGGER is complaining about Nokia service too. Think Nokia really need to do something about their service provider. It is ruining their reputation.


  1. While I am not sure if it’s nice to go to court on such small matters (phone not working properly), for the response that Nokia gave, they totally deserved it..

    Come one if you don’t treat the customers with the due respect, you should atleast treat the Court with respect.. Serves them right..

  2. That’s the only solution consumers have left if approaching CASE to solve the matter does not work as well.

    As it’s a long and tedious process, many consumers just forget about the whole matter and stay away from that brand.

    Nokia are well known for replacing parts instead of replacing the whole phone and claim that it’s brand new. The whole process can take as long as a few months. By then is the month still worth the amount that consumers paid for it?

  3. Ntt: Yeap, I think Nokia deserved it. Come on, court letter already and they still try to play punk. Serve them right.

    Motd: Actually, it’s not difficult to go Small Claim Tribunal. The process is pretty simple. I’ve done that before. 🙂

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