The worst teambuilding ever

Went for teambuilding yesterday. It is the worst teambuilding ever.

Firstly, I don’t know why the secrecy behind the location of the teambuilding. They didn’t announce where we will be going. Just told us to assemble at office for the transport. I woke up late despite having 2 alarm clock, 1 handphone, 1 radio and someone calling me. So I called my colleague to check where the bus is heading.

I took cab to the location and discovered that I was the earliest as the bus haven’t reached yet. Sigh. They should have given us the option to assemble at Kallang too. Would be easier. Waited at least 15 minutes for the rest to arrive.

The morning activities was still alright. We got on a dragon boat and row to a nearby beach where we have some teambuilding activities on survival. Need to start a fire to boil water and set up a shelter. And we were given a lighter, mess tin and groundsheet. That should be easy. After that, we had a short dragon boat race.

After the dragon boat race, we took a bus to Sarimbun for our lunch and afternoon activities. The food is so so only. But the afternoon activities are horrible. We had Muai Thai, self defence and some breathing exercise. Each activities lasted 40 minutes. It is weird to do these things for Team Building. Where is the Team Building element? We are just like individual, learning the sport. No team interaction, no nothing. Just stand there, punch and kick when instructed. For a moment, I thought I’m at a martial arts school open house, trying out the lesson to see which one am I interested.And the breathing exercise is the worst of all. I have no idea what is it. It looks like Tai Chi, but it is not.

Sigh. And I thought last year’s Team Building was bad enough.


  1. nthg gd to say abt the company event at all? … hmm. well, i m sure there must have been something good. i dunno. i mean.. the organizing team must have put in a lot of effort for this event. event’s aren’t exactly born out of thin air, u know. so, maybe look on the bright side of things. they all only wanted u guys to have fun. it may have missed the ‘team-building’ point, but hey, it got everyone together as a group to do some stuff together, right? can’t be that bad.

    then again maybe i’m feeling kinda sad to read this because the event i’m organizing for my company is taking place tomorrow.

    i sure hope to heavens that i won’t come across any colleague’s blog saying that the event sucked. i would be damn upset. haha.

  2. btw u mentioned in the post abt last year’s teambuilding event, that “it’s all in the mind”.

    i re-direct the same line to u: “it’s all in the mind” that u’re not having fun, because u made up ur mind that such events are ‘stupid’ and ‘a waste of time’ and ‘pointless’. next time, go with the mindset that u WILL have fun. 🙂

    hope next year’s will be better for u!

  3. Cobalt Paladin: I think that will be Muai Thai. Self defence and the breathing exercise is quite crap.

    Daphne: Actually, I went to this teambuilding thinking that it would be much better than the teambuilding that I’ve attended over the years.

  4. Wow, one of this day pingsters might organised trip at a kelong, possibly more condusive environment, with nature at it best, sunrises and sunset. Swimming karaoke,games & fresh seafood!

    Some romantic guys might bring a guitar to wow the ladies.

    Watching the sun through the naked seas is joy that difficult to describe and also don’t forget the moon.

    This setting might be more condusive to teambuilding.

    Or camping at some island, what do you think.

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