Friends for sale

I’ve been hooked on this Facebook apps lately. It’s call Friends for Sale.

The rules is very simple. Just buy your friends (make them your pets) and hope that someone buy them from you. Or someone buys you. You earn profits when someone buy you or your pets. Everytime someone is being purchased, his or her value goes up. It’s a fun and simple game.

The guys at are good at pushing someone’s value sky high. Most of the members are now very expensive. I think we need to buy someone from outside the group. Someone suggest a person to buy leh. 🙂

And for some reasons, nobody wants to buy me anymore. My value has been stuck at $144216 for quite some time already.

Somebody buy me leh.

On the side note: I think I piss off a famous Malaysian blogger in the game. Oh no. Now all her fans are going to kill me.


  1. Nic: Not really lah. Save up abit and you should be able to buy me. :p

    Jas: YOu also very expensive.

    Nicocoa: You wait…. you wait….

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